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“You Just Won’t Understand”

*GOD*day All

One thing I absolutely love about being an INFJ is this, though we place great emphasis on order, and being more comfortable with all the ducks being in a row, we are also creative and love the blessings of randomness that allow for happy times.  That’s the joy of my world when I have no plans to write, no thoughts to share, and all of a sudden smack in the middle of the air, there is the thing I know *GOD* gave me to blog about.

“You Just Won’t Understand”.  Have you ever said that to someone?  Have you ever had that said to you.  If you are like most people, it’s been said and done.  Why is it we say that to people, or think that to ourselves?  Why is it we as human beings on this earth dare to believe that there is not one living soul who would get us?  I can tell you from the point of an INFJ that we do that because we ourselves are a rarity.  It’s why we INFJ’s often don’t hear those words said to us, but we ourselves think them about everyone else.  We are the people who people come to talk with, because we will understand.  We take all the trials, drama and talk of everyone else in, seldom have little left to give back to ourselves.  So often we are misunderstood when we fall silent.  We do so not to ignore anyone, but because our retreating is what allows us to refuel for the next person who is going to come along and feast off of our ability to be sympathetic, understand, give wisdom, or counsel.  We don’t often get that from others, unless we are sitting, as I do, pen in hand during a sermon maybe.  I’m writing usually as fast as my little pen and arthritic fingers will flow because as a sermon is shared, thoughts of my own are popping into my head.  If you know anything at all about INFJ’s we must write our ideas down.  They will flow away as fast as they entered our mind, if we don’t.  That’s why when someone beats an INFJ’s ideas down, and bash the idea out, it’s gone.  We don’t seem to have that ability to retain the “great idea” because someone popped the bubble thought we had in our head.  Or, because we failed to write it down, and quite honestly, many more bubble thoughts popped in and popped out =).  Yes, that is the life of an INFJ.  This is why we are easily defeated, retreat and yet with the help of *GOD*, at least in this woman’s life, we are saved for another day of delightful inspiriation.  Thus was the case today.

Today my plans were to clean and organize.  Get up, get going and get the tasks at hand, as much as possible, accomplished.  Those were my plans.  *GOD* had a little tweaking planned.

So, what does all this have to do with “You Just Won’t Understand”?  Well, if you are asking that, maybe it’s because of all that I shared above, you aren’t getting the drift of the day.   The beautiful snow white thought that led me away from facing all the cleaning and organizing to writing instead.  So, as best as I can, I’ll explain.

Arthur Cookies

Did you read yesterday’s blog I wrote?  If you did, you will know that I shared a picture of my Great Grandma Bennet’s Sugar Cookies I made.  I wrote about an experience that happened at work and how there are always before and after moments.  How they inspire me, depends a lot on how we see things, and how we react.  If it’s in the moment, we can sure as shoot’n make things much worse.  If we wait it out, ponder it, think it all through, most of us will react in completely different ways.  At least for the INFJ.  It’s never, ever good to push us to respond instantly.  We are the people who like to process or else… no, really, or else we get ourselves in trouble and we say and quite possibly do things we aught not.

Thus today is rolling away and I’m flowing with how things are unfolding this morning in my world, which is leading me to yet again, blog about what is on my heart and in my head.

So again, what does all this have to do with yesterday?  My daughter is in law school.  I’m guessing that the saying, “Ships that pass in the night.”,  is about ships that pass each other, not ever really knowing each other are nearby.  (I will be looking that up when at some point because now my curiosity is peaked.)  Any-who… My daughter and I aren’t like that.  We are more like the ships that pass each other in the morning.  We are fully aware of each others presence, yet we are passing through, into our day, and she especially because the law waits for know one. =)  Truly that is a true story.  The law, like life, is ever evolving and I’m sure as each law student can tell you, there learning, quite a lot like doctors, teachers and CPA’s, what they’ve learned is ever growing, ever changing.  They have to stay up to date on all the things of their chosen professions so that they can do their jobs well.  Life and learning are always intricately woven into their lives.  The rest of us learn from them, because what they do deeply touches our lives one way or another.  When it comes to the Bible it’s the same thing for a CHRISTian.  We can, and do, sit before someone on Sunday and we are preached to, taught to, and grown.  At least we should be.  This also goes for the pastor/teacher, one always has life lessons to learn.  Thus, my story begins as my daughter and I walked back in time, because of the cookies, and I was reminded that the name that went on, was ready to be changed.

So, here we were mom and daughter, and I was letting her know I’d set aside some of last evenings dinner in a container just for her.  She then mentioned she saw the sugar cookies, and that they just reminded her of Arthur.  At which point I was taken back in time.  In an instant we were brought back to the day we got Arthur, our delightful beagle basset mix.  We’d just rescued him and gave him not just a loving home, but a loving sister in Aslan, our Schipperke Chow mix we’d rescued just a month after her dads Homegoing.  Arthur came as Jill’s life was once again changing.  I’d now remarried and well, life is difficult for adults, but so often, more confusing for children.  It’s no wonder my daughter and son have both chosen professions where life is always a learning curve.  Son as a teacher, and a daughter as a lawyer.  Yep, that sounds about right.

So, where does all this lead to Arthur Cookies.  The day we got Arthur was a Wednesday.  Which meant we needed to be at church that evening.  The kids had Awana.

Commercial Interruption:  If you don’t know, Awana is an amazing kids club but with a CHRISTian emphasis.  It’s like boy scouts and girl scouts, but with a true Biblical base.  Just as any good commercial, I’ll give you a link where you can find an Awana near you and get, well… get your kids anyway, hooked up =)  Click here for Awana Parent Info:   http://awana.org/parents-home/parents-home,default,pg.html

Okay, so where was I… We had to be at church.  Now we were not so concerned about leaving Arthur and Aslan together.  Aslan had been a loyalist of a dog for all three of us, since Joe’s Homegoing.  She was well behaved when we were gone, and that left us with a good feeling leaving Arthur with her.  She’d be a doggy role model of sorts, right?

WRONG!  Apparently we’d not understood the dynamics of Arthur and his hound background.  Rhyme not intended, but it works =)  We learned this evening, and many days to follow that Arthur was hound in every sense of the word.  If we took him out for a walk and the garbage truck had recently rolled by, well let me tell you, that little sniffer tracking instinct of his would kick in and I swear if you didn’t have a leash on him he would have tracked down that truck all the way to China if need be.  Yes, he was that good.

Any-who… We leave for church and low and behold Mr. Fatty pants, as he became fondly became known as, is a leader, not a follower.  The kids were celebrating Valentine’s Day in Awana that evening.  I’d made Great Grandma Bennet’s Sugar Cookies for them to take.  We had about three dozen left over, which, I left cooling on the counter.  We’d after all, never had an issues with leaving something on the counter before with Aslan.  As I said though, Arthur was no Aslan.  We walked in the front door, and very much unlike Aslan, she didn’t greet us.  She was sort of slinking off as if something was gravely wrong.  Where was Arthur?  Well, unbeknownst to him, he doesn’t understand that a dog does not eat food off the counter.  To this day we aren’t quite sure how his stubby little legs did it, but we know Aslan must have joined in and pulled the rack down as Arthur spoke in her ear how to pull this caper off.  Aslan, being able to get easily up on the counter, but never having done so before, most likely just thought she was learning a new trick, one we of course never bothered to show her, nor ever would of course. =)  Or, as we learned years later, she most likely was showing Arthur she was the dominant dog and could do anything better than he could.  So to speak, this was her roost and she ruled it.

Want to know how many cookies were left?  Oh ya, these should have been some sick pups, because only a little over a dozen cookies were left.  Sadly, like people who begin to drink, and they never did get sick, thus the idea of now becoming aficionados at food theft, there food rads happened as often as my forgetfulness to quickly move something, or put something away, when I was out of the room happened.    I did become better at not leaving the room when food was out, but often one does have to answer the door, or use the ladies room.

Arthur was good, oh yeah, he was really good.  So today, I’ve decided, after speaking to my daughter, we are christening these cookies in his honor.  From hence forth they will be known as Arthur Cookies, in memory of the sweetest, most cuddly little fatty pants that ever entered our life.

Oh and why the “You Just Won’t Understand”?

Here is why… because we need.  We need someone, something to get us.  No matter who we are, or what our personality type, we are in need of someone understanding and getting us.  For this woman, aka. me!  I’m often called quirky, unusual, sort of like Willy Wonka, always choosing the road that is paved with ideas that often aren’t understood, or ideas that met with opposition, because the vision in my head, is not accepted or appreciated by most people.  I believe that that is why the Lord leads me to blog.  You see the other day, as I watched a movie, one of the lines was this:  Blogging isn’t writing, it’s just a bunch of sentences with punctuation.  Me, I of course took offense to that, as if it was said personally about me, because I love blogging.  It wasn’t personal at all.  After re-listening, I heard this, blogging is writing, and writing is all about sentences and punctuation. =)  True story =), my story, and thus, I’m trying to continue to keep making myself understood.  Nah, just doing what I love to do, write, share, and at best be obedient to His leading me to use my pen, or keyboard in this case, as the keyboard of His ready writer.

I also have to add this, in case any of you, or anyone who wanders in reads this, and you don’t believe in *GOD*incidental moments of your life.  As strange as this is, and we had no plans to make it this way.  Arthur, this beautiful boy, was born sometime during the same year, that *GOD* took Joe, my first husband and my children’s daddy home.  So if ever you are thinking that the Scripture from Jeremiah, oh, you don’t know the Scripture I’m speaking of:

Jeremiah 29:11

11 For I know the plans that I have for you,’ declares the LORD, ‘plans for welfare and not for calamity to give you a future and a hope.

Yep, even the welfare of Arthur, as are the very birds, and most of all us, in His care and keeping.  His Eye is upon each of us, and His plans are for us to get to, to desire, to know Him well.  If you don’t know Him, if you haven’t taken a second look at who He is, and how His plans for you fit into your life, today is that day you can start.

No matter where you’ve been, or what you’ve done, you can start out afresh with Him.  Just like Arthur the foodie, got a fresh start with us, and so many other times, when he just had to “go his own way”.  We were always there with forgiveness, mercy and way for him to be redeemed.

Until all have heard of, and know His love,

Jeannie Bee


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