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What’s your theme song?


It’s been a roller coaster of a couple of days.  The other day I’d written how amazing it was at work and all, how everyone was excited about their plans for Sunday, and whatever it was event they were having, or attending.  It’s fun to work at work when something like a holiday, or the Super Bowl are happening.  People are generally more energetic, more focused on something good, which is coming up.  Some, not all.  Sometimes all those holidays, or events, they can bring some people down.  People who for who knows whatever reason, see those events as times of difficulty to deal with.  Some see them as just another day on the calendar when maybe, just maybe, they might feel as alone, if not even lonelier, because of the day.

Quite honestly, it’s everything or nothing for only a few of us.  Yes, my personality type is that person who believes that if I’m suppose to accept you, you sure as shoot’n better understand and accept me.  That means as a CHRISTian, as a sold out Bible believing woman, and as, are you ready? An INFJ. What the heck is that you say?  It’s me, not in a nutshell, though some make think us nuts, we aren’t.

An INFJ is a personality type, and it’s mine.  The older I’ve gotten the more I’ve not understood why people don’t get me.  The more I study my personality type though, the more I do understand.  You see INFJ’s make up only about 1-3% of the world.  Yes, the world!!!  We are very rare, and thus very rarely are we ever understood.

You might care, or not, how I ended up down this bunny trail today.  It all started Saturday evening actually.  I was all excited after leaving that great day at work, when I remembered I didn’t clock out at work.  Sheesh, could anything be worse?  No, really?  I work for Publix and they are strict about such things.

So I get online to check my day’s input, and low and behold, I have no hours what so ever! Eek!  Now tell me you wouldn’t freak?  Maybe not you, but I’m an INFJ and my personality says (in a way loud manner) BUT I DID WORK!  I mean I clocked in at 10am.  clocked out for lunch at 1:56pm., clocked back in from lunch at 2:56pm., and of course, as I shared, I forgot to clock out.  Truly my bad, but now, it’s Saturday evening, I’m Jeannie happy pants, until this moment.  I’m thinking, unless I drive back up to work, and deal with this, I have to wait until Tuesday to find out what the beegeebee, is this system doing to me?  Am I now not going to get paid, do I get no credit for the entire day because of human error; human because I am a human, even though at this moment I’m feeling like less than a human, I know I am one.

So what to do, what to do?  I decide I’m sure that if I obsess about it, it’ll get better. LOL  Right, that is not the way to go.  I could call, or I could drive  up to work?  Nope, I decide I’m going to do what I know to do oh so well.  I’m going to pray.  I’m going to lay this whole Jeannie fiasco into the hands of my *GOD*.  I’m absolute that if I place even me, with my INFJ personality type in His Hands, along with the problem, He’ll cover it all.

If you know anything at all about INFJ’s we aren’t very good at holding back.  We often are the ones who blaze forward to protect, defend and fix.  However, when it’s us, we can get more internally combustible, and that isn’t good for anyone.  So I’m trying this out.  Trying to think of all the kinks in the system that through my whole working day away.  Try to forgive myself for being such an in idiot, and forgetting to clock out; definitely, my bad!

So today as I rechecked, to see if anyone fixed the glitch, I saw again that I still have no credit for working on Saturday.  Eek!  No, instead I receive the best answer of all.  The very answer in times of trouble, in times of need.  The greatest song of the redeemed, is when His peace flows forth and even an INFJ, can rest and rest assured that all’s well, because we know how it all ends any way.

Glitches in the system of life, they come all the time.  Being able to know that you can improve even within the confines of your own quirky personality, that only 1-3% of the whole of the wide of the world, gets you: PRICELESS!

My favorite song of all?  It’s His:  It’s His song of the Redeemed!

So I’m here today to show you what I do when I may or may not possibly get stressed.  I first of course give to *GOD* which allows me to release whatever it is into His Hands and out of mine.  Then I bake!  Thus the whole reason for the pictures of before and after below.  The one before picture, represents me-half baked and not remembering to clock out.  The other, the finished product, it’s the perfection and sweetness of how everything always works out for our good, and His glory.

Great Grandma Bennet's Sugar Cookies before baking.

Great Grandma Bennet's Sugar Cookies after baking =)



Happy Baking, and as always, until all have heard of, and know His love,

Jeannie Bee



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