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Do Not Withhold From Me


On this fifty-fourth and 1 day of my life I’ve been digging into the wonderment of the ways of *GOD* and us.  The connection of trusting completely in His plans for us, when in fact so very often we don’t understand them, or can even see the why, or where they are leading us.  Anyone who tells you the life of being a CHRISTian is for wimps, has of course, never been one.

Technically, from our moment of birth a dedicated and distinct plan has been mapped out for us.  We will go the way of choice, and choices we make with not just affect the outcome of our life, but others.  I think we seldom think about the “others” when we are planning and scheduling our dreams, hopes, and plans, but *GOD* was, and is each and every day planning it all out, with all involved.

I especially think how connected we each are.  A few years back they came up with us each being connected by six degrees of separation.  Meaning… we each are somehow connected by every sixth person in our life.  Now, in this age of social media, they say that it’s three degrees of separation.  Amazing, yes?  Why is though, we are quick to embrace that idea, and yet when we think about *GOD*s  plan of a connection Him, to us, we think sometimes He has left us.  When in fact, if we look, examine the connection link, it is us who drifted away.

One thing is for certain, Since the very conception of His creating us, we have been loved, and we are connected.  Just like any relationship though, time not spent together doesn’t make the relationship grow fonder.  If anything, time apart, well… quite frankly, widens the gap.

Today while you are still waking up, or maybe even heading off bed, think about praying.  Not just praying any old prayer, but consider these words:

“Do not withhold from me.”  Think about the connection behind those words He to you.  How intricate and meaningful, not to mention trusting, and resting, those words are to His heart, when we say them with meaning.  Not just asking Him to not withhold any good thing, but not withhold anything that He plans.  Those words, said with meaning, and with heart and soul, are love words from us to *GOD*.  It’s resting, in the most purest sense of trust, in whatever His will is.  These are not easy words to say.  They need to be thought out before saying.  You have to understand the implications of saying them.

Remember a few days ago when I spoke of how each day is a gift from Him to us.  Well each we also afforded the ability to give back a remarkable gift of giving Him us.  When we pray, the words we are saying need to match up with the commitment of the heart.  Sometime, humans mumble off words as if they are meaningless, nothingness verbiage, they are never that to *GOD*.

“Know this, as you want your word to mean something to Him.  Know that His Word, must be also meaningful to you.”  JBMS

So today, maybe it’s time for a bit of re-commitment.  Understanding that the connection He to you, is of the utmost importance.  Remembering that the words, “Do not withhold from me” deal with positives and maybe some not so positive and joyful occurrences.  So you see, and you know and understand, commitment is going the distance, it’s knowing that whatever He leads you to, He’ll lead you through.  It’s not just words to pen, or Pinterest.  It’s real, and the words, asking Him not to withhold “anything”, are words that bear the truest and deepest trust in Him.

Today stop at the yield sign of life and show Him how much you are willing to not withhold from Him as well.  Remembering have the desires of your heart, are not about you and I having it all our way.  Having the desires of your heart, in Scripture speak, is when you and I, and that connection to Him, are aligned up so perfectly that His plans, are the desires of our heart.  So today, ask Him, “Do not withhold from me Lord, anything but Your perfect will and way.”

Until all have heard of, and know His love,

Jeannie Bee


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