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Because He lives…

*GOD*day again…

Just got in from a great day at work.   Everyone hustling and planning, preparing and gathering, all the goodness they can so that they can have a great Super Bowl party tomorrow.  It really was a great day to be doing what I do for a living.  Now granted, there were a few folks who didn’t care much about the game; me included. However… I love to see all those people are excited.  They are truly hyped up about “their” team and the glory that may, or may not follow.

For now though, it’s pure adrenalin flowing for a win.  I love that!  I love that their is the “hope” of winning.  The possibility that we, like you are one of the team, will be the champions of Super Bowl XVI.  We aren’t really a part of the team, but we so feel like we are.  Fans are actually the best cheerleaders sports people will ever have.

This is what got me thinking about all this.  I mean last year someone else was having a change to win the Super Bowl, and the year before that someone else, etc., etc., etc. Each year the hopes are high at the beginning of the season, and each year “some team” becomes the Super Bowl Champions of that year.  No need to stress, worry, but all have to plan.  All involved, have to give it their all.

Which got me thinking about Matthew 6:26 and how all the worry over this or that, or what have you had us all in the same position at some point in time a year ago as well.  “No Worries”, it’s the best and most excellent advice any of us can share, and give to ourselves.  So this evening I close out the day saying, don’t worry, be happy, and above all trust the Father who is more than just up above, looking down in love; He’s right their beside you waiting for you to grab His game plan and follow along.

Until all have heard of, and know His love,

Jeannie Bee


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