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Happy Birthday To Me

Did this cake for my former manager for his birthday.  It’s one of my favorites.  I’m sure you know why =)  So, even though I didn’t make it for myself today, I did indeed make it at one time.  I am making my own birthday cake, but I’m just doing an oldie (like me), but all the same a goodie, Strawberry Angel Food.  Maybe, or maybe not, pics will follow.

♪♫Happy Birthday♪♫

*GOD*morning, afternoon, or evening!  No matter what, this will be a better day for anyone who makes it a *GOD*, each and every day.

Yes, it’s true, today is my birthday.  Nope we are not doing anything spectacular or anything that would impress the world… However, I’m quite impressed with the day thus far.

Why?  Because the best part about waking up is knowing that you are still not necessarily one day older, but for me, one day closer to being Home with my Jesus.  Yep, that’s the best part.  Throw into that the card I received from my daughter, and well, also some spectacular news as my son somehow got tickets to Les Miserables!

Pretty exciting news for me.  You see I was raised in Chicago, and seeing plays were something, even as poor as we were, she tried to fit in some plays now and again.  Growing up I saw: Fiddler On The Roof, South Pacific, Grease, to name a few.  I know that this is a big deal for my son too, because he is so not a fan of musicals; which makes this the best part of the gift, that he gave of himself.  Just like the card I received from my daughter.  She knew it was the card that would hit my heart the most.  The words just made my day.  So in that, for this woman of fifty-four years today, I find it to be the most spectacular of days for sure.

So next Sunday, *GOD* willing, my son and I might be starting a new tradition, seeing musicals =)  If you read this Joey, don’t panic.  I won’t hold you to that =)

So it is an already, very happy, happy day for me.  This past year has been an amazing ride of highlights and low-lights, and no, I don’t mean hair color.  I’d love to say that the low days I rose to the occasion in perfect fashion, always behaving in a manner becoming of being a CHRISTian, but I cannot.  There were days I not only disappointed the Lord, I disappointed me.  I know that when I fail to have that faith, that trust that rests in knowing that all things work together for good and His glory, I fail miserably.  Maybe that’s why I so love Les Miserables.  Failing, falling, and being redeemed.  How I thank my Lord and Savior for the best gift of Himself.  In that I will forever know that…

Bee it ever so humble, they’ll never be anything better than knowing that one day, I’m going Home!

Until all have heard of, and know His love,

Jeannie Bee


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