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February 1st.

*GOD*morning, afternoon, or evening!

I know, that’s not much of a title, is it?  It’s a date, not a title of something, unless… I make it so.  See that’s the thing with life, it is what you make it, and what it is, is about you and I being true to ourselves.  So, for me, that’s the title for today’s blog.

Quite honestly I was not even going to post today.  I know, I know, I seem to say that a lot, but quite honestly, it’s true! =)  The reason wasn’t because I didn’t have anything to say; yeah, that… if you know me, wasn’t so hard to believe =).  See, if you can’t laugh at me, I will =)  Okay, so back to why I wasn’t going to post.  In case you didn’t read the last blog, there is a glitch on the posting.  I have no idea what is up, but it won’t allow me to do paragraphs, so everything is like one giant blob of a blog.  I don’t like it, I almost deleted the whole thing after not being able to fix it.

Then I thought about it today.  I thought how life is like that these days.  If something is broke, we seem to not get it repaired, or be patient in letting something rest, or what have you.  We want it right, we want it fixed, we want perfection.  Quite honestly, there is no such thing on earth.  Sure, we can bake a wonderful cake, and say that, that is perfect.  We can see a baby, and say, what a beautiful, perfect baby.  However… what we are really saying is that perfect is what we behold in our heart and head.  Those twelve inches of transference that connect together for an outcome of something which we, at any given point in our minds eye, decide something is perfect.

So, I didn’t wipe out the blog.  In fact I decided, as I was inspired by the Lord, to go at it again.  I’m not sure how this day’s blog will unfold, I just know that the head and heart connection within me, says go for it.  Perfect is something that I, me Jeannie, will reserve for *GOD*-Father, Son and Holy Spirit alone.  Again, you may agree to disagree, that’s how we roll around these parts.  Just like you might not even have read the blog from the other day because it annoyed the tarnation out you.  Like me adding the word “tarnation” to my dictionary, may have also just annoyed you.  Ha-ha, it’s my blog and I am the owner of my very own Jeannism Dictionary.  Agree to disagree, or just go bye-bye.

Now we can get onto the “why?” of February 1st. for the title of today’s blog.  The reason actually came as I went to post the blog.  It’s because of the picture, the words, the very Scripture placed upon my ♥ this morning that met up with the thoughts in my head.  I’m short, so that twelve inch traveling time is hastened, I’m sure.  Oh how I wish I wasn’t like that, but I am.  Oops, I almost got off the head and heart track….  So, with no further ado…

Proverbs 28:13

 13 You can’t whitewash your sins and get by with it;
you find mercy by admitting and leaving them.
February 1st
It’s my birthday month.  It’s two days before the big day today.  I was thinking how the whole of the world has truly changed.  How I am an old soul, literally, in a new fangled world.  Don’t get me wrong, I love a lot of the things technology has brought us, but I also, well, I don’t.
For Instance:
  • I don’t like it when people walk up to me to sample what I’ve cooked at work, and they are waiting for me to talk to them, well they talk on their phone.  They gesture for me to tell them what I’ve made, and I do, all the while they continue to talk on the phone.  If that’s progress, I’ll leave it behind, thank you so much.
  • I was sitting in the DMV yesterday.  It was so difficult to get people who were texting, to talk.  To actually have a live and in person conversation.  Now, I have to tell you this:  Back in the day when I was going to home educate my children, I remember someone telling me they will have no social skills.  Really?   Do they give that warning with cell phones these days, computers, i-pads, etc?  Cause, ya know something is amiss here.
  • People can shut you out easier via the computer.  I don’t like it.  Now granted a few people haven’t gotten the memo that I’ve left FB, so they think I deleted them.  I just have my immediate family on there.  I liked FB for a long time.  I’d been on since 2008, but frankly I don’t like the way it works now.  It’s sort of like, well… MySpace, which I never liked.  Progress?  For some, just not me.  I tried dwindling down my friend list to keep up with some, but that seemed rude, so I got out pretty much all together with the exception of my immediate in-house family, and a young man who wanted back in and I just couldn’t say “no” to Stephen.  I mean, heck when someone wants you in their life still.  To me, that means the world.  It’s actually the whole point of why I don’t like FB anymore.  It’s like having a whole bunch of people who you aren’t really connected with, getting not very personal with you.  That is ANNOYING!!!

Not so big of a list, but that’s all I can think of right now.  Pretty much I like a lot of things about the tech world.  Things that help, things that make life easier, those things.

So, if you read, or now need to go reread the verse above you are wondering… what was I thinking?  I’m thinking this.  Most people like technology because it does sort of whitewash away the mistakes in life.  Or, maybe for some they find it is like a disease.  I mean all those “viral” videos.  all the things that spread quickly, are seldom something good.  Things are like a contagion.  One person says or does something and suddenly it’s at the mercy of technology and what we’d love to call progress.
February 1st.  How did you say it?  In your head as you read, I mean.  Do you pronounce the “r” after the “b”?  Or, like most of the world do you just forget about it?
Don’t Whitewash–because quite frankly, we can’t just progress and forget about it.
Okay, sure we can.  We can push it way back in the cobweb corners in the file cabinet of our mind.  We can even push it so far into that corner in the minds file cabinet and allow it absolute no admittance.  We can, we do, but it is always and forever there until we admit, confess, and receive.  There is a reason we get all bothered and upset when someone who we believed in, ends up being a disappointment.  Yet daily we do the same things in our very own lives.  We cover up, file away and act as if those sins will disappear, as if they can be called white sins, or venial sins, or what have you.  A sin is a sin people.  It’s not distinguished and no sin can possibly be.  Just as no advancement in technology is either, if it still holds within it the ability to dehumanize us. 

I think that’s all great and good, if only we’d learn to still be able to let things go.  If we’d just admit things, and let them wash away.  It amazes me how the very people who can’t understand how there can be one *GOD*, Savior for all, can readily accept some of the junk in the trunk that gets passed on as newsworthy.  I’m amazed at how a whole world tells you not to bully, bash, or demean, or hate, yet really?  Have you watched the ads on television, listened to them day in and day out, and dear world what I’m hearing, have always heard it sure sounds a whole lot like hate and bullying.  It’s disgusting!!!  In fact I just said, “Well, I guess I’m voting for nobody.”  Because I said I’d vote only for the person who’d have the decency to run a campaign that strictly sticks to what they are running on.  Don’t bash the other people, don’t tell me about what they’ve done, not done.  Just tell me all about you.  Tell the truth, and I’ll vote for the person who tells the truth, but keep it clean, simplified and dignified, and you’d get my vote. Don’t whitewash and we’ll have a nice clean campaign trail.  However, that is not happening, thus I’m once again in amazement at the very people who sit in such seats of ruling the free world, who play like bullies in a schoolyard.  It is ugly, wrong, and well, quite honestly: uncivilized!  If that’s all progress, you can have it.

And now, why this picture.  It’s because sometimes those of us who are standing firm, are to tired.  We see that sometimes that saying, “It is, what it is.”, which I abhor, because it means you aren’t willing to do anything about whatever “it” is, well, in these times, sometimes we can’t.  Or sometimes those with the power to do something, they don’t.

Something to think about:

Why is it Disney and General Electric never put all that into the Carousel of Progress?  Maybe because they knew that it wasn’t.  Look at the bike below, it’s weary, it’s worn, but it’s still two tired.  It’s still made with two wheels, and yet the bike, it has progressed.  Why have not we?

Until all have heard of, and know His love,

Jeannie Bee


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