Do you want to play a game?


Remember that line?  No, that’s not the game, just wondering if you remember what movie that line is from.  Sure, I’m dating myself, but I’m not one of “those women”.  The women who can’t show or share their age.  Sheesh, it’s an age, not a disease.  I get you might not want to share certain aspects of your life, your personality, this, or that.  I just have never seen the point of being afraid of sharing your age.  Truly it’s an age, a celebration of your birth, of how far you’ve come, or how far you have to go.  It’s an age, and it’s not contagious, it’s doesn’t make you anything but what you are, older, because we are all on the same slope of aging.  It doesn’t matter man, woman, child, adult.  We are all aging, or… well, we aren’t.  That makes perfect sense to me.  It’s life.  Personally I have more respect for men or women, who not only age gracefully and have no problem with the aging process, I also love have respect for men and women who act their age.

Television wants you to mold yourself into some sort of Barbie looking, un-flawed human being.  The problem is, if you are all about getting that Barbie look, you also are allowing yourself to become plasticized.  Eek!  Really, we want this?  We, me, doesn’t, won’t and I’m about to celebrate the beautiful big and very earned birth date of fifty-four! I’m good with saying it, sharing it, and proud to have come as far as I’ve come.  I’m happy to know that I’ve got a whole lot more to learn from the young, as well as those who are older than me.  Yep, we should be more concerned about growing up, instead being so concerned with growing older.  That, after all, is either inevitable or we are dying.

Quite honestly, the later is more of a concern, and in that, we should be concerned.  Dying is more important, than you or I being concerned about not aging.  This is why we still aren’t getting the whole big importance behind what we need to be supporting in this world.  We still are more secure with a body of elected officials who look the part, come from here, and care no more about where they are taking us, as long as the ride is something they deal with, while we go skating merrily along digging deeper into some anti-age defying something or another.  Instead of embracing the values of morals and ethics in this country, we’re immersed in buying up foreclosures for quick money, making and selling the latest unneeded gadget, getting people to get people to sell their very soul, for what?  A buck!  A quick buck, I might add.

So, today’s little “Do you want to play a game?” title and post is about all that.  Do y9u want to continue to keep playing games with our country in the balance of losing more and more, or are we going to stop playing games and get back to the basics of life?  Life, people, morals and ethics.

My little blog posting game is for you to view the ingredients in the picture below and guess:  What is going to be made?  It’s all just fun, and I don’t have any prizes to give away; which more like will have you x’ing away out of here, but so be it.  It’s all just a little analogy of examining the products and seeing what really is going to come forth from what is in front of our eyes?  The game is about looking closely, doing some research and truly finding out what these things are made for.

Happy guessing,

Jeannie Bee


3 comments on “Do you want to play a game?

  1. Jeannie…I will eat the Andes mints! Yummy. I have seen some of your fantastic desserts. Whatever you are making will be wonderful….YJ

    • Yvonne, you are always so encouraging. I’ve missed you bunches, and my big old apologies for just now seeing this. For whatever reason replies to the blog aren’t going to me e-mail like they are suppose to. I guess I’ll just have to try, with my feeble fifty-four year old mind to check this more often.

      Hope everyone is fine. If we ever get a chance to chat I’ll explain why I left fb, or at least try. There were a few reasons. It’s been better for my overall mental health.

  2. Yvonne, It was for Andes Mint Ravioli Cookies.

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