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Afternoon Coffee

*GOD*day, again!

It’s afternoon and I needed some coffee.  It’s cold outside so a cup of hot coffee would be fantastic, but for whatever reason, I just needed something quick and sweet, but also caffeinated.  Oh yes, I remember, sitting up in the cabinet are two containers of my quick pick-me-up awesome little coffee buddies. This is my version of Instant Coffee:

So no need to perk up a cup, I just can put a few in a cup; well not really, but in a little cup, that’s not for coffee, although it could be, but really it’s just a cup that’s used for condiments, or if I’m baking and I want all my ingredients lined, things like that.  Or… Well, you’ve gotten the point, and you can now tell I’m also eaten a few.  It takes so little to perk me up =)

Which brings me now to: Some people say that coffee makes you do stupid things faster.  I’d like to think that I make coffee nervous.  That’s what my husband says any way.  =)

If you’ve not enjoyed these little morsels, you must.  If you don’t have a Publix near you; I’m so blessed, I work at one 😉  you can always get some other sort of chocolate covered espresso bean.  I use to purchase the Starbucks ones, but sheesh, they are way to pricey.  These little sweet brown bites of goodness are only about $3.49 a package.  A very livable price.  I also always try to snatch these up if a hurricane is town.  Sisters and brothers, these are for sure a part of hurricane kit essentials; in case nobody in commerce has told you that, or it wasn’t mentioned at the Florida border, it should have been.

As T.S. Elliot said, “I’ve measured out my life in coffee spoons.” or beans!


You could say this:  “Behind every successful woman is a substantial amount of coffee.”  S. Piro

I don’t know if all that’s true, but a day without coffee makes me blue,

Jeannie Bee

Jeannie Bee


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