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A+ For Knowing Which Apple To Use

*GOD*morning, afternoon or evening!

Most of us love apples.  They use to be known as that fruit that kept the doctor away, which probably there is a whole generation out there that has no clue what that saying was; “An apple a day, keeps the doctor away.”  So, it wasn’t true, which quite honestly, we’ll probably find that out about a lot of other fruits or veggies being talked up today.  All proclaiming something or another about being able to do this or that, and well, they do all have their benefits.  Eating an apple is surely going to be better for you than say, a Twinkie, right?  Finally, we all agree on something =)  After all, when you are finished with that apple, you’ve had more health benefits, for sure!  You also have had that satisfying crunch need met, the sweetness met, and your thighs, and just about any other organ in your body will thank you for it by not storing up any fat.  So pretty much, that good old apple, is still going to help keep the doctor away.  Which brings me to the reason for today’s blog.

These days when we think “apple”, we are usually thinking computer.  Not so for the foodie though.  You say “apple”, we thinking baking and cooking.  If that is you, it is for the true appeal of the apple of your eye, this blog is for you.

So often we go to make a recipe and we are unsure of what apple to use.  Many recipes will say how many apples to use, but fail to tell you what kind.  And yes, there is a difference.  I’m learning each day on my job, cooking, that things in my head that I take for granted, someone else doesn’t know.  No, I don’t know it all, and I as well, am always ready to learn something new.  In fact I love a day when I learn something knew, because that brings me to that other age old saying, “Just goes show, you learn something knew every day.” =)   With no further ado…

I chose this picture because truly this is how my husband eats an apple.  He has his handy-dandy pocket knives, or special *argh-argh* equipment and he peels away into all that goodness.  Me, I like to it as is.  And by the by, another little factoid: This big scare about apples containing arsenic.  It’s true, the seeds do.  However, as often is the case in the news, they only tell you part of the story, and not all.  You actually would have to eat a bushel of apples, seeds included, to get any arsenic poisoning.

The Apple Chart

It can be confusing sometimes to know which apple is the right apple to use for a recipe. If you’re like me, you’ve discovered this, but only after using the wrong apple. Hope this chart helps hope you out.

List of Ingredients

AS=Apple Sauce

The order listed after each apple type will be as follows:
Variety, Color, Flavor, Texture, Peak Season, and Use

Golden Delicious Greenish Gold Sweet Semifirm Sept.-Oct

Granny Smith Bright Green Tart Firm,Crisp Oct.-Nov. E

Jonathan Brilliant Red Tart Tender Sept.-Oct. AP,E

McIntosh Red, w/green background Tart Soft Sept. AS,E,P

Pippin Greenish Yellow Tart Semifirm Oct. B,E,P

Red Delicious Deep Red Sweet,bland Firm Sept. E,S

Rome Red Sweet-tart Firm Oct. B,P,AS

Winesap Dark Red, Yellow streaks Tangy Crisp Oct.-Nov. AP,P

Paula Red Lg. Red, w/green showing Mildly Tart Firm Sept.-Oct. AP,AS,E,F,P

Cortland Solid Red Sweet-tart Firm Sept.-Nov. AS,E,P,S

Empire Smaller, Dark Red Sweet Semifirm Sept.-Nov. AP,AS,E,F

Ida Red Pink, light Red, not glossy Mildly Tart Firm Oct.-Nov. AS, E, P

Mutsu (Crispin) Lg. Light Green to Yellow Sweet Crisp Oct.-Nov. AP,AS,E,F,P

Fuji Yellow/green w/red highlights Juicy,Sweet Crisp Sept.-Oct. AS,E

Spartan Dk. Red, almost purple Sweet Firm E,P

Macoun Sweet Extra Crisp AP,E

Northern Spy Red Tart Crisp E,P

Gala Red Juicy Sweet Firm, Crisp AS,B,E,P,S

Braeburn Red Green background Sweet-tart Firm, Crisp Oct.-Nov. E


Luke 6:

The Message (MSG)

Work the Words into Your Life

43-45“You don’t get wormy apples off a healthy tree, nor good apples off a diseased tree. The health of the apple tells the health of the tree. You must begin with your own life-giving lives. It’s who you are, not what you say and do, that counts. Your true being brims over into true words and deeds.


Happy Baking,

Jeannie Bee


One comment on “A+ For Knowing Which Apple To Use

  1. P.S. I’m sure I’ve missed a few apples, so feel free to add some apple’s I’m missed.

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