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~What Faith Looks Like~

*GOD*day yet again.

My mind wheels are spinning today.  I did the blog this morning, this afternoon for the recipe, and here yet again, though I’d not planned any of this, I am yet again sharing as He leads me.

I’ve been busy today, reading His Word first, cleaning second, getting dinner all ready, so as just to have to pop it into the oven this evening.  I’ve had my lunch, shared it with you; well, sort of =)   I was about to go for a walk, or cozy up with our two Great Dane Boxer mix girls, Gwen and Alyss.  Not so fast little lady.  I can get away with saying little about myself, after all I am.  In fact I’m glad, because the truth is, to all you so called tall people, you do know that without us so called small people, you wouldn’t be considered tall.  Just think about that!!! =)  You need us to be tall, and well, we need you, because everything is always placed so high up in life, we can’t reach it.  The truth is we need each other no matter what.  Tall, small, thin, heavy, sad, happy, sour, sweet, we are in this thing called life together.  We have so much to learn from each person, so much to disregard or hold onto for good.

As I was starting to turn away from the computer after my  lunch recipe sharing post I saw my prayer board.  There on the wall was my daily reminder.  I also have this as my wallpaper on my phone.  A blessing of a reminder that even in the darkest of times, I can see clearly.  I can have that hope that goes far beyond my actual human visual capabilities.  I could lose my all today and I’m reminded that I could be a raggedy-jeannie and *GOD* would still be looking upon me in favor.  He see’s His Son in me, and I see the hope promised because of His Son.

This little summation and wall plaque actually do align up with this mornings blog.  It’s that Hebrews 1: 1-3 reminder that He’d like us to have tattooed upon our heart.  No, an actual tattoo is totally unnecessary.  *GOD* would much prefer our hearts be His Home, and our bodies, well we don’t need to spend time marking them up, we only need that one sign needed, the indwelling of the Holy Spirit.  The markings, well, one is coming from the enemy, and that one, well, this whole tattooing thing is just a way to get everyone to believe that one more tattoo or little marker inked upon us won’t matter much.  Another way to be dumbed down.  Don’t do it, don’t worry, but take heed to these verses, this passage of Scripture:

Hebrews 1

1-3Going through a long line of prophets, God has been addressing our ancestors in different ways for centuries. Recently he spoke to us directly through his Son. By his Son, God created the world in the beginning, and it will all belong to the Son at the end. This Son perfectly mirrors God, and is stamped with God’s nature. He holds everything together by what he says—powerful words!

That’s The Stamp

See, I told you.  The only witness we need to show, isn’t that of showing ourselves off, all our outward trimmings, or inward trappings.  It’s Christ, and it’s Christ alone.  We are afforded with this indwelling, the ability to have that faith that shines in a very darkened world.  We are to be more than doing the status quo.  More than the sum of our good deeds for the day, week, month, year.  We are much more than the sum of all the good stuff we do.  If we do all that and fail to share Christ, we are just sounding the gong of our own goodness.  Faith went somewhere else and got absorbed by the light we shone on ourselves.


Believing not that *GOD* can, but knowing that *GOD* will! 

The prosperity gospel you are hearing about, the one that everyone’s needs will be met in some tangible way, is not the Gospel of Christ.  If that was the case, where was the mansion of Jesus located?  Where was His finery, fine clothes, fine travel, fine home?  He left to prepare a place, this place is a haven where we can take each step, knowing He will provide our needs, walking according to His will, Heaven comes later.

Faith is more than a belief in *GOD*, it’s a way of Life,

Jeannie Bee


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