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~Choosing Between Two Options~

*GOD*morning, afternoon or evening!

Our will or His?

I have two real passions, one is my faith, the other my family.  My daily passion of course, which I’m blessed to be able to make a living at, bless my family with the bounty I provide from it, it’s also an f-word.   No silly, not anything like those expletives thrown out by people limited in their vocab.  I mean after all, I see on my Yahoo News frame that Meryl Streep gets bleeped, and that is suppose to be what? News?  I think not.  Quite honestly if those in Hollywood, or beyond think that expletives are newsworthy, they themselves aren’t watching their very own junk in the trunk on television or in the movies.  Quite honestly it’s unbelievable to me, and I’m not a cusser; yes, I said “cusser”, and I plan on staying that way.

That is not the point of my blog today, but it could be, I mean when we are stuck in that place and we have a choice between choosing even two words, why is it the world thinks you have to choose the same old, same old, words?  I mean really, given that most of us are being told we are to be these free spirits and individual and all, how come it is that pants are on the ground all over, we try to copy all the latest what-have you people, and we still live in a world where everyone is choosing to dry an expletive, and yet some news people think, it’s news?  I’m not confused, but I can still share this, because  I myself enjoy the freedom of being an individual, that it’s not impressive, it’s not news, and sheesh, come on people, it’s anything but news.  It’s almost so like the kid in school who wants to get the laugh from the class, while all the while the teacher is doing his/her best to teach them something.  They believe they are cool, those with even less individuality follow along, and the next thing you know, you have this “expletive” dumbing a nation down. It’s true, you might not support this idea, you might not believe what I’m saying, you might not own it.  I don’t really care though, it’s true.  Take a look around, because it’s every-where, it’s every-where and it is anything but news, or newsworthy.  It’s really just so dumbing us all down around, and not just in Hollywood.  They just would like to drag this nation and it’s individuals down with them.  After all, if you place yourself in their realm, instead of that of the world, and acting and expletives, and being this big fish in a small Hollywood pond is the importance of who you are, and the things you say are f-words and the like, and that makes news, well honey, we’ve not come to far, have we now, as a nation?

Choosing Between Two Options

Psalm 78

An Asaph Psalm

 1-4 Listen, dear friends, to God’s truth, bend your ears to what I tell you.
I’m chewing on the morsel of a proverb;
I’ll let you in on the sweet old truths,
Stories we heard from our fathers,
counsel we learned at our mother’s knee.
We’re not keeping this to ourselves,
we’re passing it along to the next generation—
God’s fame and fortune,
the marvelous things he has done.

5-8 He planted a witness in Jacob,
set his Word firmly in Israel,
Then commanded our parents
to teach it to their children
So the next generation would know,
and all the generations to come—
Know the truth and tell the stories
so their children can trust in God,
Never forget the works of God
but keep his commands to the letter.
Heaven forbid they should be like their parents,
bullheaded and bad,
A fickle and faithless bunch
who never stayed true to God.

9-16 The Ephraimites, armed to the teeth,
ran off when the battle began.
They were cowards to God’s Covenant,
refused to walk by his Word.
They forgot what he had done—
marvels he’d done right before their eyes.
He performed miracles in plain sight of their parents
in Egypt, out on the fields of Zoan.
He split the Sea and they walked right through it;
he piled the waters to the right and the left.
He led them by day with a cloud,
led them all the night long with a fiery torch.
He split rocks in the wilderness,
gave them all they could drink from underground springs;
He made creeks flow out from sheer rock,
and water pour out like a river.

17-20 All they did was sin even more,
rebel in the desert against the High God.
They tried to get their own way with God,
clamored for favors, for special attention.
They whined like spoiled children,
“Why can’t God give us a decent meal in this desert?
Sure, he struck the rock and the water flowed,
creeks cascaded from the rock.
But how about some fresh-baked bread?
How about a nice cut of meat?”

21-31 When God heard that, he was furious—
his anger flared against Jacob,
he lost his temper with Israel.
It was clear they didn’t believe God,
had no intention of trusting in his help.
But God helped them anyway, commanded the clouds
and gave orders that opened the gates of heaven.
He rained down showers of manna to eat,
he gave them the Bread of Heaven.
They ate the bread of the mighty angels;
he sent them all the food they could eat.
He let East Wind break loose from the skies,
gave a strong push to South Wind.
This time it was birds that rained down—
succulent birds, an abundance of birds.
He aimed them right for the center of their camp;
all round their tents there were birds.
They ate and had their fill;
he handed them everything they craved on a platter.
But their greed knew no bounds;
they stuffed their mouths with more and more.
Finally, God was fed up, his anger erupted—
he cut down their brightest and best,
he laid low Israel’s finest young men.

32-37 And—can you believe it?—they kept right on sinning;
all those wonders and they still wouldn’t believe!
So their lives dribbled off to nothing—
nothing to show for their lives but a ghost town.
When he cut them down, they came running for help;
they turned and pled for mercy.
They gave witness that God was their rock,
that High God was their redeemer,
But they didn’t mean a word of it;
they lied through their teeth the whole time.
They could not have cared less about him,
wanted nothing to do with his Covenant.

38-55 And God? Compassionate!
Forgave the sin! Didn’t destroy!
Over and over he reined in his anger,
restrained his considerable wrath.
He knew what they were made of;
he knew there wasn’t much to them,
How often in the desert they had spurned him,
tried his patience in those wilderness years.
Time and again they pushed him to the limit,
provoked Israel’s Holy God.
How quickly they forgot what he’d done,
forgot their day of rescue from the enemy,
When he did miracles in Egypt,
wonders on the plain of Zoan.
He turned the River and its streams to blood—
not a drop of water fit to drink.
He sent flies, which ate them alive,
and frogs, which bedeviled them.
He turned their harvest over to caterpillars,
everything they had worked for to the locusts.
He flattened their grapevines with hail;
a killing frost ruined their orchards.
He pounded their cattle with hail,
let thunderbolts loose on their herds.
His anger flared,
a wild firestorm of havoc,
An advance guard of disease-carrying angels
to clear the ground, preparing the way before him.
He didn’t spare those people,
he let the plague rage through their lives.
He killed all the Egyptian firstborns,
lusty infants, offspring of Ham’s virility.
Then he led his people out like sheep,
took his flock safely through the wilderness.
He took good care of them; they had nothing to fear.
The Sea took care of their enemies for good.
He brought them into his holy land,
this mountain he claimed for his own.
He scattered everyone who got in their way;
he staked out an inheritance for them—
the tribes of Israel all had their own places.

56-64 But they kept on giving him a hard time,
rebelled against God, the High God,
refused to do anything he told them.
They were worse, if that’s possible, than their parents:
traitors—crooked as a corkscrew.
Their pagan orgies provoked God’s anger,
their obscene idolatries broke his heart.
When God heard their carryings-on, he was furious;
he posted a huge No over Israel.
He walked off and left Shiloh empty,
abandoned the shrine where he had met with Israel.
He let his pride and joy go to the dogs,
turned his back on the pride of his life.
He turned them loose on fields of battle;
angry, he let them fend for themselves.
Their young men went to war and never came back;
their young women waited in vain.
Their priests were massacred,
and their widows never shed a tear.

65-72 Suddenly the Lord was up on his feet
like someone roused from deep sleep,
shouting like a drunken warrior.
He hit his enemies hard, sent them running,
yelping, not daring to look back.
He disqualified Joseph as leader,
told Ephraim he didn’t have what it takes,
And chose the Tribe of Judah instead,
Mount Zion, which he loves so much.
He built his sanctuary there, resplendent,
solid and lasting as the earth itself.
Then he chose David, his servant,
handpicked him from his work in the sheep pens.
One day he was caring for the ewes and their lambs,
the next day God had him shepherding Jacob,
his people Israel, his prize possession.
His good heart made him a good shepherd;
he guided the people wisely and well.


Did you read that?  Do you get it?  Do you see the options being set forth? Asaph was giving a bit of a retelling of their past history so that they’d wake up and, well, smell the coffee so to speak.  That they’d get a bigger picture of the picture being laid out before them, and REMEMBER!  Remember their past so that they wouldn’t screw up in the present, or screw up their futures.  Asaph was reminding them of the goodness of *GOD* and His grace bestowed upon them.  How they continually complained and He continually blessed.  How they characterized ungratefulness and He provided.

See the correlation today?  No, you don’t so much?  Well maybe you aren’t taking a good look at any other world but that of the one that you’ve painted for yourself.  And if you are one of those people who believe if you are happy, life is fine, and you and your self-centered, self-absorbed self will live unhappily ever after quite possibly in Hell.  Yes, Hell!

Be it the Garden of Eden where sin began, or the Garden of Gethsemane, where mercy has come running, *GOD* is about the business of mankind.

Two more options on the table: Steps backward or forward.

Go back into captivity or be free!


Yesterday my son lent me movie Moneyball to view.  Truthfully I wasn’t very interested at first.  I mean baseball is something I use to enjoy.  I’m still that girl you took out of the city of Chicago, and I’m still a White Sox fan, but I just don’t follow the game any longer.  I’ve moved on to bigger and more important things; which I’m guessing is one of the reasons my son knew I was going to love the movie.  There was a bigger picture.  Although today I find myself wondering how impacted the performers of such movies are really affected.

How sad it is that choosing between being the people of notoriety that they are, or have become, is so stinkingly more important than being the people whom *GOD* intended for them to be.  Yes, I said “stinkingly” and I did indeed have to add to my dictionary to be an acceptable word.  How do you like those options.  I chose between two words, one acceptable and one not.  The same as Streep, only I won’t make some headline news, and you can be sure as shoot’n that someone would just love to say something to me, if in fact anyone ever read what I write.  They don’t, and quite honestly again, I don’t care.  I myself go where *GOD* leads me, and I know in fact that choosing to say a word that can be heard in the ears of anyone, is much more of a lesson teach, than knowing that this actress has much to learn about who she really is.  I mean really, impressed, anyone?  That’s pathetic!!!

Throughout history two options have been given.  You can choose Jesus, or you can allow satan to have you.  Those are the choices.  It doesn’t even matter if you believe that or not.  For this gal, I’m not going to argue with you.  I’m not going to debate, or discuss, or hash through what is this, or that, or all the see-saw-half-cracked-baked ideas you’ve conjured up to add up to some worldly philosophy.  That’s not for me.  The Bible tells me so!  You don’t like it, read the Bible, dig in, and find out all about the options.  Just know it’s reader beware.  Yes, beware.  Because if you take on this dare, and you decide to just plain old focus on *GOD*‘s inspired Word, you just might find your opinion changing.  Which bring me to the point again, of us having two options.

We live in a world where we believe in the scales of justice; law and love.  We know, or would should know, that you cannot have a sense of balance without both.  You need laws, you need love.  For all I know you don’t like that either, which is a bit of Hollywood too, they don’t like being told how to regulate, or what have you.  They still are focused on it being all about them, and so very little about the person portrayed, ie.: Moneyball.  Which brings me to a line in the movie I cannot forget.

Billy Beane: Would you rather get one shot in the head or five in the chest and bleed to death?
Peter Brand: Are those my only two options?

Nobody wanted to believe this process of Billy Beane, and even when it began to work, they didn’t want to give his ideas credit or validity.  Sound familiar?  Well it should.  We still are living in world that can be saved by grace, and still we are looking for other options.  We are more concerned with the pat on the back and the praises of men unto our name, than praise and worship to the Name above all other names.

If they were your only two options, which would you choose?  If you look around the world today you can pretty much see that we are choosing to teach, preach, and reach more people with the slow death of being shot in the chest.  We are choosing to allow people who have mostly vanity to gain, to be the focus news on our minds.  We are living in a world of poverty, job loss, and sin, and yet the tabloid news is still running mainstream, and for who?  Who’s benefiting.  Us?  Not so much!!!  We aren’t going to make any money, only mindlessness, off all that garbage being filtered in.  So basically two options again, garbage in and garbage out, or *GOD*‘s Word in, and goodness out.

If we are left with the two options and we choose the first, what is to follow will be somewhat like our scales of justice of law and love, only we will have lost the option of receiving *GOD*‘s Grace.

We are living in difficult times.  We are facing difficult decisions.  We can opt in to burying our heads in the sands of Hollywood and it’s news, or we can attain the Good News, and in the even more difficult times that lie ahead, we will have the courage to face what comes our way.    \

Don’t believe me?  Maybe you and I aren’t watching the same “junk” on television.  Maybe you are so busy buying all the latest gadgets you missed the program showing our progress, the one on TLC that had some people who answer you tech calls say this, and I quote: “Those stupid western white people.”  Now I don’t generally watch TLC but I was flicking through the channels and came upon this discussion, this display of how proud they all were at our “western stupidity”.  Yes, those were her exact words about people who have tech equipment failures calling the help line, which has not intention of helping.  Or this line from someone who was her supervisor, who she finally after several conversations, and a callers persistence, gets the call, he says this: “We aren’t really ever going to help.  We have no intention of doing anything but having them give up.”  I’m not picking on a particular people group, people.  I’m just telling you what was aired on television and what they said.  Even if it was faked, or what have you, there is some truth to it all.  Some burying of our heads in the sand of lies.

Really?  That’s the tech world you are living in.  You accept that?  You are well, excuse me but I can’t think of any other word but, stupid.  If this is what we’ve become, or this is what we are allowing, well then, what we get, we deserve.  Not me, because I’m not buying into any of it, but you.  And you’ll take a whole nation down with you too.  All because “that’s entertainment” for some folks.  That after all, is life at it’s worst.  Choices of best or worst?  You are choosing the fate of “worst”.

What will you do when the rescue doesn’t come?

What will you do when the option you chose, leaves you with one to the head, or six to the chest?

It was an still is, an individual thing!

The world might continue on it’s cursing of *GOD* Father, Son, and Spirit, but when *GOD*‘s curse comes along, brother and sister, this kind of cursing won’t even be able to be tolerated by you.  You will want one in the head.  The choice is to either allow it all to catch up to you and you decide to serve *GOD*, or *GOD* will catch up with you.  There in that moment they’ll be no options for you any longer.

Take the Hand of *GOD* or Talk to the Hand of Mankind

*GOD* is still trying to get through to the hearts of mankind.  Man is still giving lip service and raising it’s hand to praise and pat people on the backs.  Giving awards, and praise to the person with the biggest, funniest, even foulest of mouths.  Back in the day it was just like this.  *GOD* sent His Son, Jesus Christ to help us, and today, even still, we want our way all over again.  We don’t want to face that there is One Way.  We don’t want to believe, confess our sins, and receive.  We are willing to forfeit life, for Life Everlasting, just so we can be a part of the crowd.

Well, good luck with that.  Yes, me Jeannie, typed out the words good-luck.  You who know me are shocked because I believe in no such thing as luck.  Which is why I say now, good-luck with that.  Because what you have in your life, in your hands, is absolutely nothing.  You either start to live up to the agreement that Biblically so long ago was made and laid out for mankind, or you don’t.  Options, only two!

Catch up with *GOD*


Let *GOD* eventually catch up with you

Until all have heard of His love,

Jeannie  Bee


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