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~Amazing Almond Cake~

*GOD*day all!

I didn’t do any baking today, but I did the other day.  I’d made one of my daughter’s favorite cakes that I’d posted a while back at “Better Recipes”.  I call it:  Amazing Almond Cake, because quite frankly, it is.  It’s an amazingly moist and delicious cake, and it’s not from a box, it’s homemade.

Why am I sharing all this today?  Well, though I didn’t bake, I decided to play with my little ISI Whipped Cream Dispenser.  You see I love whipped cream in my coffee.  Not every day, but maybe for an afternoon treat, or on a gloomy rainy day… like today is here in Florida.  We need the rain, and I needed to do some food playing.

What did I do?  I took the dispenser and added some eggnog, Publix of course =)  Is there anything else, unless of course it’s homemade, but let’s not go there, or at least I didn’t today =)  So I put the eggnog, plus a wee bit of heavy whipping cream in the dispenser and wah-lah–Eggnog Whipped Cream in an instant.  So what did I do with said whipped cream, since I’d not had any coffee made?  I of course put in on the cake… which is how this blog came to be today.

Enjoy the recipe and the idea of always being able to whip up from your kitchen and your imagination just whatever it is you please.

The link to the recipe for Amazing Almond Cake:


A picture of this weeks Amazing Almond Cake with some Eggnog Whipped Cream.

Just a little something I 😉 whipped up =)

Happy Baking,

Jeannie Bee


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