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Do you ever wonder… Is that really going to work?

*GOD*day whomever pops on by!

Okay, so today I just wanted to share something regarding one of the products on the market.  Sometimes we see those ads and we do have to think to ourselves, “Does that really work?”  or maybe something like, “Why would anyone ever want that?”.  I’m one of those.  I seldom fall for any of those items, until…

Okay so it wasn’t me who fell for it, it was my husband.  Most of the time nothing peaks our curiosity until it’s on a sale rack.  That’s just us, and it’s how we roll.  I mean come on now, if something is suppose to help you, shouldn’t it help in saving you some money as well?  That’s us, and thus this whole wonderment of wandering went.

We were shopping where I work last week and my husband saw an item.  So of course he had to ask me about it, or actually what he said was, “Is that a good price on that?”  It was, it was indeed a bargain, because I know that they normally sell for more, and it had been marked down even lower on the clearance rack now.  I just said though, “Really, I’m good without that, let’s not spend the money.”  Onward we went on with our shopping letting go of the “good bargain”.

Off to work I went the next day, this past Saturday.  My husband picked me up at the end of the day and what does he say as I get in the car?  “Jeannie, I got something for you.  I have a surprise for you.”  Now you have to know my husband is like the king of small surprises.  He’s good at them too!  This was no exception.  And, if you are like us, you will believe it was such a *GOD*incidental moment.  Nothing like winning the lottery, or maybe them stopping foreclosure on our home, but it was a surprise, a wee blessing, the ones that keep you knowing that GOD is in the day-to-day happenings of your life.  And… these pivotal moments bring a reminder of how, if He’s got His listening ear to the little things, how much more is our Father GOD in Heaven, going to be listening to everything.  How He so much has it all sweetly in His care and keeping.  No sorry here, I can’t help it when I get lost in all the GOD-moments.  It makes me just amazingly comforted and joy-filled.

So, on with the surprise.   I walk in the house and there is “The Perfect Brownie Pan Set.  The very item we were just discussing about on the sale rack the day before.  Yep, all new, still in tack, tapped up and never used.  So I asked him, did you buy it from Publix?  Nope, he didn’t, he stopped at a yard sale and there it was.  The woman was asking a whole $5 for it, and my husband, the bargain king of the U.S.A. got it for $4.  I know, right?  Five after all was great, but he had her throw in another item and well, he basically got a big old bargain for two items.  I think I have this story right, he might have to tweak it all, as I was sort of living in awe in the moment of what GOD had just done.  If it’s wrong, he’ll have to come by the blog and fix it with a “comment”.

So any way, in case you were wondering if “The Perfect Brownie Pan Set” does indeed do what it says, wonder no more.  It does.  Not that you want to take my little word for anything, but trust me, when I say I’m a picky-pants, tell it like it is, woman, you can bank on that.  I am, and I do.

To make the challenge even more tricky I took the pan to level it didn’t even talk about in the brochure.  I know, that seems unfair, but I wanted this pan to do a lot for all the money we forked out for it, LOL!  So what did I do?

Here you have it, The Perfect Brownie Pan Set: Chocolate Chip Cookie Brownie!  

Please click on the picture so you can really see how good these look.  You won’t regret it and you will indeed become a believer. 

Chocolate Chip Cookie Brownie in The Perfect Brownie Pan

Happy Baking,

Jeannie Bee


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