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Muppet of a Woman posting here:

*GOD* day all!

Yes, I actually did come back to finish my post the next day, as promised.  However… I just couldn’t seem to put into words what was on my heart, and the Lord just convicted me to stop, continue on in just reading the Word, and be encouraged from His Holy Spirit.  I did and He did indeed encourage me.  As is the way the world turns when you are obedient to Him.  It never makes every thing perfect, it just leaves one in perfect peace.  So I am, and it is all good because of GOD and His love, care and keeping.

I’m sure some (if there is anyone who reads here =), don’t understand all that, and I left you hanging with that whole Muppet or a Muppet of a Woman thing. I did come to the conclusion on the whole thing, and I’ve decided I’m a Muppet Women.  If you didn’t see the movie, you won’t understand a word of which I’m sharing.  Which is truly another aspect of the whole thing.  It doesn’t matter if the world around you gets you, as long as He gets into you, and He is what moves you to do whatever it is has to be done, in obedience.  It’s plain, but it’s never, ever usually simple.   When we follow in obedience, things often can get worse instead of better, which is why I believe we don’t have a lot of obedient CHRISTians.  It’s not for wimps, and anyone who tells you your beliefs in being a Born Again, Bible Believing CHRISTian, and being sold out to following in faith, is a crutch, you just tell them to go ahead and continue on in leaning on all that they are, and they are the ones who will be completely crippled, and helpless someday.  Sad, but true.  Better still, say nothing at all, because saying that, probably will just ruffle their feathers, you know, all those birds of a feather that stick together.  That’s a problem.  Birds flock, and make noise all day long.  Sheep follow and listen to the Shepherd.  You decide.  Sheep might be stupid, but that’s only when they don’t follow the guidance afforded them.

So now you see, this is my I’m a Muppet of a Woman.  I sold out to allowing His leading.  I love that although all isn’t perfect, I’m perfectly content following my Leader, Master, Savior… Jesus.  Truly each obedient act ends in a fragrant sweet peace that cannot come from anything else.  It’s lasting, loving, un-purchasable peace.  No matter how much you have, if you don’t have that, and you are a crutch clinging CHRISTian, who’s been one all your life, and no not of what it’s like, I feel sad for you.  People can’t ever fulfill that which Christ and the Holy Spirit can.  You can continue on in community, which is good, but it should never be a substitute of His peace that should come before all the gathering of, well… anyone on earth.  You’re missing out if you don’t know it, or if you’ve gone your whole life not experiencing it on your own one-on-One time with GOD.  I dare you to try it in the new year ahead.  See how strong you are when it’s just Him and you, and well quite honestly, Him.  It’s so fabulous and it leaves you feeling like you can not only face the giant things in life, but you can, as Dr. David Jeremiah writes, “slay them”!


Because it’s always good to have sweet living, and some good savory eats =)

I’m going to share a picture for now, and a link to a great recipe we are doing at work.  It’s so delicious, I hope you give it try.  I can also attest to it making a great sandwich as well.  So if your hungry, and you want some great leftovers for the next day, give this one a try.

Pub Style Chicken with Caramelized Onion:

As you can see, I doubled it, because it’s that good.

The Link to the recipe can be found at Publix, which is where I work, and get to cook for a living, putting all the goodness in the world from Publix, on a plate, so you can bring your family back to the table.


Until all have heard and know of His love,

Jeannie Bee


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