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Am I a Muppet or Am I a Woman?

*GOD*morning, afternoon or evening, and Happy 1st Day of a New Year!

Even if you are stumbling inside here and it’s not the first day of 2012, it’s the first day maybe you’ve stumbled upon my blog.  Yes, my blog, and you may be asking yourself, “Who is this person who writes something like that title?  Well as you read on, you’ll see, although I doubt you won’t ever really get to  know me so well this way, but it’ll give you a bit of insight into how I think.  One thing I think, is that I don’t care if you think me quirky, strange, unusual, or even weird.  That’s your opinion, it doesn’t make it a fact.  So, if you’d like to, read on, read some other blogs of mine, bake a little of something I’ve shared, or if you are really courageous, share after you read, that’s always welcomed.   Doesn’t mean I’ll keep the post up, doesn’t mean I’ll even like what you say, but at least you can come out from behind your viewing and post a little something or another and let me know you visited.  Well, actually the stats show me people visit, they even show me where from, just not the “who”, they leave that up to you.

Am I a Muppet or Am I a Woman?

Quite honestly this thought has been on my mind.  It took a second viewing of the new Muppet movie for me to begin to ask the question of myself.  I think it’s a movie you have to see twice.  The first time you are sort of loving all the memories of the Muppets come back into your life, loving all the songs, and the warm and fuzzy feelings it evokes from inside you.  Kermit has always had that ability, hasn’t he?  He just gets you to take a second look at yourself.  Which of course really is why you have to go with different people each time too.  Really?  It’s so good to see how much this movie can move, even a grown man to cry.  Yes, a grown man.  If you don’t like that, to bad for you.  Even a man, who has feelings like a Muppet (Praise GOD for that) can be moved.  It proves that each of us, man, woman, or even a muppet of a man or woman, have feelings.

So it is that I begin my waking up to 2012.  Quite honestly I was woken up long before this mornings second wake up.  Fireworks? I’m not a fan.  Okay, so I am a fan of them being shot off at decent hours, by decent people, legally.  I’m not a fan, in fact I’m a hater, when it come to them being shot off at the wee, wee hours of the early morning, long after the midnight hour.  Especially when you have to go to work the next day.  I don’t like the shrilling ones that hurt my pets ears, that continue to disturb them and make them jittery.  It’s cruel, it’s wrong, and did I mention illegal?  This plays into the very wrongness of it all for sure.  I love that we live in a country where something wrong, can all of a sudden be okay for everyone to do, because everyone is doing it.  But… sit in a park and be some sort of protestor, even if there are a bunch of people, and suddenly that’s wrong, because it’s illegal.  Go ahead and speed, steal, cheat and as long as nobody’s looking, that apparently is more okay, then being the person who notify management that said people are doing such things.  You somehow become the bad man or woman.  Go figure, because I literally cannot.  Cannot, cannot, cannot connect how it all comes out okay.  Call me stupid, call me a Muppet of a mindset, call me whatever you’d like, but don’t call me stupid or wrong.  I am not.  Which brings me full circle to today’s post.

Which are you?  Muppet, Man, Woman or maybe…

A Muppet of a man, a Muppet of a woman.  That’s what I am.  I’m a Muppet Woman and I’m proud of it.  I don’t care if you think this the most stupid or insane thing you’ve ever read, but I am.  You see I’ve come the conclusion with the help of the Lord right as I woke up this morning.  He was on my mind, He was the first to hear my heartbeat “Happy New Year Lord GOD.”  It’s true, it’s the exact thought that popped into my head when I really woke up, the natural way, not at 2:30am, when fireworks and cherry bombs will still going off.  This was the thee first wake up call for the Lord, from the Lord, on a fine and dandy first day of 2012 morning.

And now… I have to leave for work so I’ll finish this later on this evening, or on the second day of 2012.  Trust me, if you are a Muppet Man or Muppet Woman you should come back to finish reading.  It’s the first blog of GOD speaking to my heart and yours, of knowing full well what He desires of anyone else who finds themselves living in a world, as the movie says, that has hardened it’s heart to things that are wrong, and it’s a cynical world, that wants cynical, maniacal ways to prosper.   If you, like me, find yourself living in a world where even some good people, for the sake of something or another, have turned their backs on doing the right thing, then this first post, and quite possibly continued post of the second day of the year, is just a picture perfect, planned out *GOD*incidental read for you.

See ya soon, unless for some reason GOD carry’s me Home today.

Until all have heard, and know of, His Love,

Jeannie Bee


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