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Once again I pop onto my blog sharing a bit of myself.  That’s a hard thing to do these days when so much of me feels as though it’s slipping away into a abyss.  I know that it’s not, it’s just something I’m living called “my life” and it’s all for me to journey through.  Still, being honest in my writing, I’m just sharing how I feel.  Something that I find so difficult to do with people live and in color.  Why?  Because people have so much to say back.  Yep, it’s probably why a lot of writers like writing.  Sure, you all critique a writer while reading, or after reading, yes, we all do it.  Yet for the writer, you can’t stop us in midstream thought.  For the writer, when you do that, out the mind of the mind goes all that they eloquently wanted to say, something at least for me, happens when I’m in front of you all.  I have no idea why, but it is, as they say in the world these days, what it is.  So if you can say that saying, “It is what it is.” I can too, so I am, and I did.  If you can apply it to all the things that go on that you just think you can’t do anything about, I most assuredly can say it regarding myself.  So there!!!

  Well now, that wasn’t really what I came to say this day.  In fact I wasn’t even going to say a thing.  I know right?  Like that would be a huge miracle of sorts.  When I’m silent, it’s usually because I’m feeling defeated, beaten and bogged down.  No worries, because that “is what it is” too.  I ♥ those times because they draw me nearer, nearer to GOD.  Something that never, ever is a bad thing.  Which now, that does bring me to what I was, or really wasn’t going to share, LOL.  Now we’re all confused, right? LOL

Consider v. to think about

How often do we?  Consider, I mean.  How often do we consider before we speak?  Consider others before ourselves? Consider the choices that we are making?  How often are we considerate?  Which makes consider turn into an adjective, meaning: thoughtful, thinking of the rights and feelings of others.  So much to consider in just one word.

Consecrate v. set apart for a particular purpose.  Concentrate v. to direct all ones attention on something.  To focus on one particular way.

Concentrate on that for a minute or two, even longer really.  Reread and really think about, or should I say concentrate, on what it is that has the biggest pull in your life.  What drives you these days?  What is the reason you get out of bed in the morning?  If what you’ve committed yourself to is something fleeting, one day when you awaken, if what you’ve committed yourself to is gone, so will be the will to go on.  I’m not saying you won’t be able to go on, I’m just saying what you consecrate yourself to, needs to be something worthy of living for, forever and always.  I only know of one thing.

Conscience n. the knowledge of something right, or something wrong.

Just think, if we considered what we think, say or do, and we considered who it would affect, would we, say, think, or do, the things we say, think, and do?  Really?  Would we spend our money on the latest gizmo or gadget, bling or bargain, just to show it off?  Would we turn away from the television as so much joblessness, poverty, despair is viewed, because we just don’t want all that to spoil our good mood?

Something is wrong, something has gone terribly wrong in society, when we don’t do something right, and right now.  If change begins with us, with you, with me, why has the world gotten worse instead of better?  Why is it we see more hardship, poverty and pain and less greed and gain?  You and I know exactly what I’m saying because we live in a world where we seem to be able to listen with a somewhat clear conscience to the bigger voice in our head, all the while ignoring the sound of that whispering voice that reminds us that all we have, is not all we should have.   And the little is much, is great for a movie or a commercial, but we are not living it out loud in our real lives.

We don’t mind believing that eating meat on Friday, is wrong, even though it isn’t wrong.  We don’t mind believing or putting the wise men at the scene of Jesus’ birth, even though we know, or should know, that Biblically speaking, which is GOD’s breath, that the wise men didn’t come until way later.  We make choices to choose things that make us feel better, not based on what is right or wrong.  We have a lot of people on television talking, talking, talking, or people reading, reading, reading, but when it comes to reading the truth of what is in the Bible to be lived out, with a clear conscience that comes from the Holy Spirit, we’ll forfeit it all for the feel good feeling that is, well quite frankly, fleeting.

How do I know of these things?  The Bible tells me so.  So many of us believe something because someone miss-taught us that way.  Go ahead, look it up for yourself.  Look in the Bible and see what is what before you believe something shared by man, or women, like me.  If doubt is in your mind, clear your conscience and read the Book instead of saying, this is how I was raised or taught.  What we believe it be right, is often wrong, just like what we choose to do wrong, we know isn’t right, but we go on our way considering the fallout, consecrating our thoughts only concentrating our conscience on pleasing ourselves.

What did we forget?  Back in the beginning of all this, it was right before our eyes, consider.

We seldom stop long enough, think through hard enough and consider what we are thinking, what we are about to do, or what we are about to share.  We don’t do it any longer; thinking I mean.  We allow everything being poured into us to make us some sort of cookie-cutter thinkers.  Our whole country becomes based upon what is latest in the news or shared in the gossip of the break rooms across America.  We have ipods, and ipads, cell phones, all these electronic devices at the ready, all with infiltrating voices that our buzzing all the while in our heads so that we don’t have to consider anything any longer.  We allow the world to do that.  Well folks a day is coming for each of us when that won’t be the case.  You wont’ be able to phone a friend.  It will be to late to look up the answer to the most important question of your life.

Consent v. agreement, permission.  To agree, to give your permission and to allow yourself, after thoughtful consideration and concentration to consecrate yourself with a clear conscience.

Today just might be that last day you have the chance to do this.  For me, if this is the day I might be taking a last breath, I’m good.  Long ago I made my decision.  After a life of loss, drinking, abuse, abandonment and a feeling of nothingness, I fully committed myself, consecrated myself to being sold out for Someone, who had not sold me out.

You see each day we live, we live in a world where people use us like pawns in a chess game.  They maneuver us into positions that often have nothing to do with our welfare or good, but their welfare and their good, or gain, sometimes for the good of you both, but often, more often then not, it’s to the gain of the one who has the most to gain, and the other person is left, well, in checkmate.  A loser in the eyes of the world.  We all win sometimes, and we all lose sometimes.  That is the way the world plays with the lives of people.

There is Someone who doesn’t do that.  On Father’s Day weekend many years ago, I met Him.  Oh yes, I knew of Him.  I’d grown up hearing all about Him.  He was however more of a tradition, not GOD.  He was more of some reason to celebrate a season or  holiday, then someone who came to save me.

Today I’d love for you to know Him if you don’t.  To know that in His Eyes, the eyes of GOD, everything is the opposite of how it is here on earth.  You are not a pawn, a playing piece, something He views as insignificant, or someone to be toyed with.  In GOD’s Eyes, you are His masterpiece.  You are someone valued and the value and price when He considered you and I, after much concentration, GOD knew our value.  So it was, with a clear conscience Jesus gave His life so that we would be able to breath all the breaths in, in this life, knowing that the best was yet to come.  Jesus consented to live His life in such a way, in a way of example for us to live, willingly.  He could have had all the angels come and rescue Him.  He could have told His Father, our Father GOD, that He couldn’t go through with it.  He could have considered Himself more worthy.  After all, He was already sinless, and it would be sinless unto death He went.  Jesus consecrated Himself and concentrated on us.  In doing that, He showed us how much He also loved us.  Jesus loved us so much He considered us as being more valuable then His very own life and comfort.

comfort n. The state of ease and contentment.

This season, this day, if you don’t know Jesus as Lord and Savior of your life.  If you’ve only once in a while considered Him to be a holiday affair, consider today to choose Him and give your life, fully consecrated over to GOD.  In doing this, you will fully be able to sing of the very comfort and joy of which the reason of this and every season of our lives is all about.

2 Corinthians 1: 3 Reminds us that with all compassion, the GOD of all comfort, comes to those in trouble.  Trouble for anyone is when their life is about something here, which they cannot keep.

Allow Jesus to come into your life and in doing so, He will give you the Comforter.

John 16:7

The Message (MSG)

The Friend Will Come

4-7“I didn’t tell you this earlier because I was with you every day. But now I am on my way to the One who sent me. Not one of you has asked, ‘Where are you going?’ Instead, the longer I’ve talked, the sadder you’ve become. So let me say it again, this truth: It’s better for you that I leave. If I don’t leave, the Friend won’t come. But if I go, I’ll send him to you.

So, what can make you whole again?  Nothing but the blood of Jesus!  Let this, the celebration of His birth, be your birthday too!  Nothing on earth could make Him happier.  It’s truly the reason of His birth.  Consider, consecrate, concentrate, with a clear conscience and give your consent to God and receive the Gift of a LIFE, His for yours.


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