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~Time to Make the Doughnuts~

*GOD*day anyone who pops on by!

I don’t know what makes y’all tick but what makes me sparkle and shine is my faith.  My way of finding some relaxing time is to bake.  So of course, today being my day off, I had many things to do.  Give our Great Dane Boxer girls a bath, clean up the kitchen, dishes, laundry, well, you know the drill.  Smack however in the middle of the morning of doing all that clean-up I decided to do an about face and make some doughnuts.  A while back I made some pumpkin doughnut holes and I decided to try my hand at some blueberry.  I love all the ways life makes cooking, baking, and creating in the kitchen easier.  If you think this is cheating, so saith you, not GOD.  Cooking, baking, and creating kitchen magic is in the eye of the beholder.  This beholder is beholden for all the ways that allow me to get anything done in a quicker, and even sometimes moister manner.  How about you?  Do you think using a bread machine is cheating?  If so I don’t agree.  Some of the best bread, rolls, and even cinnamon rolls and pizza dough have come from using my bread machine.  So to you who say this is cheating, you just go ahead and spend all that time in the kitchen instead of with the people you love.  They’ll for sure love both our renderings, but neither is cheating, except maybe you for the long division you use to get to sometimes the same product.

This is a recipe that I received from Cuisine Magazine for Pumpkin Donuts.  I did a revision and used blueberry filling from a coffee cake mix.  I drained and rinsed them and also added some yogurt, and a wee bit of nutmeg.  Along with some eggnog buttermilk I created using a bit of apple cider vinegar and allowing it to rest in the fridge for a bit, instead of buttermilk.  If I purchase buttermilk it would be a complete waist as nobody but the doughnuts are going to use it =)  Which would be fine if I was going to make donuts every week.

I also did something else maybe most doughnut makers do, I skipped, once again all that rolling.  I just used a small size cookie scoop and wha-lah, less flour, less work and even more moist because of all the lesses (I love how you can just add a word to the dictionary now and make something like “lesser” a word.  Ha-ha!  So saith my online blog dictionary–which has the final blog word. =)  Yippee skippy for all this imperfection.  Want perfection, see Jesus!

Any who here they are.

Happy Baking,

Jeannie Bee


One comment on “~Time to Make the Doughnuts~

  1. If you’d like the recipe just post here and I’ll share.

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