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True Stars, True Stripes, True Service Rendered

True Stars, True Stripes, True Service Rendered

by Jeannie Majka-Sherwood

True Stars

I am not a Vet but my husband is.  I posted this on his wall because I know he is a part of that special group of people who gave, give, and continue to give their life for others.  Thank you to each of you.

Today is Veterans Day.  I’m not so sure we’ve come so far in the fight for freedom, fighting, maybe.  We seem to have forgotten what Veterans Day is about.  It’s about selfless men and woman who served, serve, and will serve out of the goodness of their hearts.  They are the stars, they are the freedom fighters.  They don’t wage a protest, they protected, protect.  They don’t cause confusion, they faced, and face the conflict for a cause.  These individuals were and are the chosen united serving in a united front.  You could possibly say they are the original united way.

Behind each of these men and women there are also families who’ve made sacrifices.  They above all of us know the sacrifice.  They stand united, and so should we.  On behalf of all of you as well, Veteran families, thank you!  It’s a combo deal when one of your sons, daughters, dads, moms, aunts, uncles, nieces, nephews, grand sons, grand daughters, fiances, friend, neighbor or any l♥ved one goes to serve so that we can be free.  You standing by them is an every day neighborly way for us to be reminded of this sacrifice on their and your behalf.  Thank you doesn’t begin, and remembering just this one day isn’t enough.  Continue to remind us, we need it.

Every time we are bitter, battling, bantering, begrudging boastful in our bounty of pride, we belittle the battle lines of who they are and what we want.  There is a difference.  At one point we came together as a country united in our beliefs.  We’ve let them go, and therefore along the way the lines of a united we stand system began to fall, as well as the respect for the soldier who isn’t sitting in a park, but parked in a vehicle in a danger zone he didn’t self create.  He knew he/she was created to serve something bigger than self.  It was, is and will be these men and woman who portray the example of laying down ones life that we honor today.

I hope as you look up each evening and as you see the vast unfolding of stars in the sky, you will remember that just as vast and wide, and wonderful is the expanse of them, so are the many seen, unseen, known and unknown service men and woman who did it for something larger than the wants, they did it to meet the need of freedom in a way which I don’t think we understand any longer.  It doesn’t take a man or woman in the service to die to pay the price, when we forget that what they’ve done is beyond what we can get, we lower their status and therefore lower the light of freedom, we bring united we stand to united I stand in my cause.  That is the complete opposite of our service personal.  They are about all, when some are about the sum of what they want.

I’m very thankful to have husband who served in the military.  I’m very grateful for parents who had sons, my two brothers, each who served as well.  One in the Navy, one in the Army.  I also have other family members who’ve served.  My uncle Ray served on a PT Boat during WWII, on which he met John Kennedy.  My uncle was injured during his service as these brave and unselfish soldiers served.  He later received a Purple Heart:  http://www.ptboats.org/20-02-05-medals-011.html
My uncle as many did, do and will, come home to find things somewhat confusing.  What they fought for was for the bigger picture, while we here at home somehow got, get and need to stop getting, blind-sided by the selfish issues.

True Stripes

I seldom watch the news, but I read the GOOD NEWS each and every day.  My reasoning is simple, I don’t want to confuse the Truth with a lot of people voicing their opinions.  As I’ve shared before and I’ll share again, I have not, won’t now, will not, battle with words about my Beliefs.  You see my Beliefs are Convictions,  they are not tiny little preferences that I change as the wind of news goes sweeping down the plain of television or media.  My beliefs are rooted, yes rooted, in a Belief of GOD, Father, Son, Spirit.  A belief not in a religion, but in a relationship.  So, if you have an atheist friend who doesn’t believe, and they want to argue the won’t how do you know?  What if this, how about that, bang-bang-they are busy shooting every idea down, and everyone in the process , well, you can’t discuss what you believe, because they just don’t get that your faith is built on, FAITH!  Faith that set you free to believe freely and have the assurance that doesn’t change with the latest opinion poll.  It’s not set on the dial of the pastors latest sermon, or the churches latest stand.  It’s built on a foundation that formed and created this world.  It was about creation, it became about sin, and ended at the tomb when Christ rose and the first sign of freedom was paid, laid a way, and made it possible for us to choose to be free in-Christ Jesus.

The stripes Jesus bore, the scars He has are battle lines for us.  He did it for everyone, not just a few choice individuals who attend church on Sunday, belong to a certain religion.  Freedom from sin is a freedom that was paid for the price of our sin, and it was done to strip us of our sin so that we’d be fit for Heaven.

The 10 signs of doing Spiritual Battle on earth:

1.  Stay alert, for the enemy chooses to talk in a whisper.

2.  Fear won’t be a factor, faith will.

3.  Choose to stay in the Word.  It’s your 66 X-rays from GOD of how you should look.

4.  You need to keep a closer walk with GOD, He is the Father who is in charge over your heart where Jesus lives and He doesn’t like you letting sin in the door that says it welcomed His Son.

5.  Watch for the wildfires that pop up usually providing a smokescreen to confuse you which way to turn.  Know this, there is always an answer from GOD that is the way to go.  Isaiah 30:21.

6.  Keep your eyes on what was done, and Eternity.  It keeps things always looking up.

7.  Avoid any action of the flesh.  This is the hardest because we often let selfishness in.  This action also can involve selfishness in keeping quiet about issues of Life or everyday life as well.  It takes wisdom to know when to battle and when to back away.

8.  Be prepared to exercise your authority to protect your family.  This will include every day reading of the Bible, and prayer.  We aren’t a secret society, so be willing to pray outside the box of your family as well.  Even someone who confesses to you that they are going to hell, they know it and they don’t care… YOU DO!

9.  Know your enemy; he will lie, kill, steal and destroy.  He uses lies quite well to those who don’t know who they are in Christ!  He is out for more than a pound of flesh.  You just remember that it’s not your job to remind satan of His future, it’s just yours to know this.  The Spirit however has to be willing, even if the flesh is weak.  Just constantly remind yourself that the battles are not equal to the sum of what has been won and is coming for Eternity is yours.

10.   You are on the front lines; don’t fool yourself for one minute that you can just accept Jesus and go on and live as if you have nothing more to do than that of singing in the choir all the joy, joy, joy.  There is so much more to this soldiers life.  Live it and show Jesus His life for yours has meaning.


1 Corinthians 14:5-7

The Message (MSG)

 4-5The one who prays using a private “prayer language” certainly gets a lot out of it, but proclaiming God’s truth to the church in its common language brings the whole church into growth and strength. I want all of you to develop intimacies with God in prayer, but please don’t stop with that. Go on and proclaim his clear truth to others. It’s more important that everyone have access to the knowledge and love of God in language everyone understands than that you go off and cultivate God’s presence in a mysterious prayer language—unless, of course, there is someone who can interpret what you are saying for the benefit of all.

6-8Think, friends: If I come to you and all I do is pray privately to God in a way only he can understand, what are you going to get out of that? If I don’t address you plainly with some insight or truth or proclamation or teaching, what help am I to you? If musical instruments—flutes, say, or harps—aren’t played so that each note is distinct and in tune, how will anyone be able to catch the melody and enjoy the music? If the trumpet call can’t be distinguished, will anyone show up for the battle?


Service Rendered and Sacrifice Required

Know this if you are already a CHRISTian, the battle was and is still going on around us.  You and I serve to share our faith.  Men and women all over are celebrated today because they to made a choice to choose us, not even knowing all of us, to fight for.  Let’s honor them in a way that is respectable.  Let’s not talk about all the useless bantering battles going on but about the service rendered past, present and future.  We thank GOD for all of you.  You are our stars.  You are and forever will be the real hero’s of this county we still call The United States of America.  Let’s show the world that united we stand still means exactly that, so that these men and woman can feel loved, welcomed, and above all, appreciated.  It’s a small thing from us for the very great service they have and continue on in, performing.

Until all have heard of His love,

Jeannie Bee


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