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~When Life Hands You Lemons but…~ by Jeannie Majka-Sherwood

~When Life Hands You Lemons but…~

by Jeannie Majka-Sherwood

*GOD*day all!

It’s a beautiful day in my neighborhood.  No, really, any time here in Florida when I have the ability to turn off that a/c and open up the house, it’s a beautiful day.   Apparently when you do this, GOD comes speaking through the wind, or in this case the wind chimes.  He gives you reminders of how you shouldn’t be on the computer.  What do I mean by this?  Well here goes, just be prepared to think I’m one of the original fruit loops escaped out of the box when you’re finished reading.  That’s okay, they are “Sah-weet”.  After all maybe you aren’t fond of Fruit Loops, I however ♥ them.  So, if you don’t like them, or you don’t like me, that’s just an opinion, and not a fact.  Fact is that GOD’ll love me and, in fact I know He does.  Which is what led me also to composing this little Jeannie sermonette.

My second cup of coffee is in my hand), I’m sitting at the computer, doing a little bantering on a subject near and dear to my heart (NOT!).  Some how I entangled myself in a little conversation about the Dugger’s.  I know right?  Like me the last of eleven children, or my children who’s dad was the middle of twelve, I shouldn’t have an opinion on any of this (NOT!)  The fact is I have opinions, I do not h0wever watch the show, not regularly any way.  I’ve caught a couple of episodes over the years and quite frankly, I applaud them for doing what they believe in.  Whether I agree in building your own village, that is an opinion.

You remember, or you should, as I should as well, remember those early learning lessons of “fact vs. opinion”.  Ah, I see the light bulb coming on and it’s getting a bit brighter in here.  I have a wonderful little book, yes an actual book, not an electronic thing a mahjig, a real page turning, could sit on the shelf and get dusty sort of book, a book entitled, “The Complete CHRISTian Dictionary For Home and School”.  I ♥ it!!!  It’s filled with definitions and defining Scripture to go along with it.  It’s a good place to make and take away the ability to have a stand on some issues, especially for CHRISTians.  After all, John 1:1 says: “In the beginning was the Word, and the Word was with God, and the Word was God.”  So for me starting and ending with words, especially GOD’s Word is a GOD-thing to do.  So I do, and I can, and I will, so, here goes.  Sorry, I have no ability to do a drum roll here to introduce you to Fact and Opinion.

Fact:  n. 1.  An actual happening; something that is known to be, or accepted as being, true: It is a fact that George Washington was the first president of the United States.  2.  The truth; Is the story of William Tell fact or fiction?

We pause for a commercial break:

Some may find that the Discovery Channel or the History Channel to be the source of all truth, the Truth is they will probably air a show, if they’ve not already, telling you that the first president wasn’t George Washington, because there was some secret society president, and they will also, or could tell you that Barney was based on a real life dinosaur that loved to teach children about love.

Now back to our regularly scheduled writing.

Opinion: n.  What a person thinks or believes:  A fool finds no pleasure in understanding, but delights in airing his own opinions (Proverbs 18:2).  2. Professional judgment or advice:  I asked for a second opinion from another doctor as to whether I should have the operation or not.

The Thick and Thin and the Lemons

So CHRISTians are both fact filled and opinionated.  Why?  Because we have the facts in the Word of GOD. We are opinionated because we aren’t going to be all wishy-washy like television where most of the world gets it’s info, we are sold out on Jesus, solid as the Rock of Ages and we aren’t going to budge because our basis was and is GOD and the whole Beginning.  The whole thing is by faith.  Like I actually had someone say the other day that they are a CHRISTian, a specific religion but they also know that everything in the Bible isn’t so.  I’m so thinking that is so far removed from the Bible, but they have to figure that out for themselves.  Once again people don’t like to be completely turned over to GOD cause then some tweaking and cleaning will go on as well.  It’s not always nice, and it’s sometimes sour, but in the end, the finished product from being with GOD and believing and living His Word for Truth leaves one knowing that life is SWEET!

Now you ask where does the lemon come in?  Well here goes.  As I said the windows were opened,  and what follows here is a true story.  It’s my story, I heard it, so it’s true, believe it or not.  Why would I lie about chimes and Mr. Clean, and definitely how GOD can speak to us in the most simplest of ways?  I do know people who believe that GOD speaking to you, is you and I having an overactive conscience but that for the Believer, well really GOD, would be blasphemous.  Will save the meaning of that for another blog day.  So, what would be the point of me lying and what would I gain?  Still, the choice to believe are all yours.  Any who— the chimes in the yard started playing a little ditty that sounded exactly like the Mr. Clean song.


No there were no words, just the sound that the chimes made like that of ♪♫ Mr. Clean, Mr. Clean ♪♫.  Now I got the point was to inspire me to clean, that would be however to normal of a setting on the dryer of my life.  Instead it inspired me to get thinking how Mr. Clean was never going to come to my house and get it clean, let alone clean everything in it.  Which as GOD would have it, led me to seeing a worldly quote called: “When life gives you lemons, make lemonade.”  Really?  Now I love citrus people, I mean I really love citrus.  My husband Dan will tell you that when we go to Panera I take that little free cup and fill it with three lemon wedges and water.  It’s not because I like the water, it’s because I love lemon.  However… =) (see previous blogs if you don’t know what however means to me or that smiley face).  However… If I’m going to make some lemonade people, I’m truly going to want it a whole lot sweeter then just having lemon in water.  If you only have the lemons, you only get lemon water, not lemonade.  The world has you thinking you can make lemonade this way but that is only half of the recipe.  Real Lemonade is sweet citrus goodness, FACT!  What it is not is a lot of sour power!

So here you go.  You can gain a lot of knowledge from the world and choose to live with your glass half filled with sour lemons or you can choose to look to GOD and His Word for a whole lot of sweetness and live your life to the fullest.

Those of you who know me, know I’m not fan of the word “suck”.  However… =)  it works when it comes to having only lemons and not true Lemonade.  So this little piece of flair is absolutely perfection from GOD for the facts.  It was after all GOD who brought it along with Mr. Clean to help me get going into the sweetness of this day, which is also His.

That’s it, that’s all I’ve got for today.

Until all have heard of His Love,

Jeannie Bee


One comment on “~When Life Hands You Lemons but…~ by Jeannie Majka-Sherwood

  1. My children are going to go into shock because I posted something with the word “suck” in it. They quite possibly might thin that when that emergency broadcast warning goes off today, it’s the real deal all because of me. No worries, the world will end when GOD says so, and not a minute before. =)

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