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Just a closer Walk with GOD

Pray this and walk with GOD:

Dear GOD,

Today the devil will not:

Take my joy, your peace is passing his understanding up.

Tell me I’m to stressed to sleep, for You’ve got me covered.

Keep me from sitting at Your feet, for mine are fitted with the Gospel.

Tell him he can’t touch me because I’m covered by the blood of Jesus.

Tell him the balance on my life has been paid up in full.  My account is now fully vested with GOD=Father, Son and Spirit.

Tell him he can’t have my home, home is where the ♥ is, and Jesus lives within my H-E-A-R-T.

Tell him he’s now unemployed so don’t bother following me to work.

Tell him to take his hands off my husband, children and friends, Jesus has His Hands upon them too.

Tell him I have no time for his timing, my time is already been perfected by You.

Tell him that the plans he made have been redrawn and my plans are only the plans that GOD has for me.

Today GOD please just tell him I’ve got the power and that power is from You.

Tell him also that my tongue has been tamed and what proceeds from my mouth is the Word of GOD, and what goes into my body will only be GOD things, and GOD approved.

In fact GOD, just tell him Who You are in my life, and that my life is no longer his, in fact it’s not mine, it’s Jesus’.

Tell him my life is in You and I am truly free to be who You choose me to be.

Tell him to leave the keys to my life with you.  Tell him also that I’m praying for the souls of others and that he might as well leave their keys too.

In Jesus’ name, Amen~

Just sing this throughout your day:  Better still, make it your life song.

Just A Closer Walk With Thee by Bart Millard


Until all have heard of His Love,

Jeannie Bee


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