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Publix Apron’s Simple Meals S’mores

Publix Apron’s Simple Meals S’mores

So if you think that’s a mouth full you haven’t tried these yet.  So I’m a big believer in if something is good, like the wheel, don’t reinvent it.  With that said though, aren’t we all glad that improvements continually were made to the wheel?  I mean come on now, aren’t you glad we aren’t all riding around in some Flintstone  mobile with wood tires; I am… well maybe the mechanic bills “wood” be cheaper.

That was bad, yes?  That’s because I’m not much of a joke teller, I am however a good cook and I know for sure a great recipe when I see one, and when I taste one I know ever more.  That’s the dealio behind this Publix Apron’s recipe featured this week.  We are doing two easy breezy, bring your family back to the table recipes that quite honestly, are all the goodness on a plate for dinner and dessert.

Hope you stop by your local Publix and give them a “taste drive”. Below is the link to the recipe and above a picture of my rendering at home of the amazingly new tasty “Crunchy Granola S’more”.  I used peanut butter and it made it even more protein packed and well, more “s’more” goodness. =)  I also topped it with the marshmallows and stuck it under the broiler for a few seconds, but only because I’m Jeannie picky-pants and needed my little marshmallow glow to give me that by the campfire feel this morning.   These are great without this obsessive glow, so don’t get all obsessive like me =)  and think you need the broiler, you don’t.  They are also good after sitting in the fridge and getting cold, really munch and crunch g☺☺dness that will give your mouth a workout.  Which at that point makes them true health conscience food =).    Don’t you just love the way I think?  Before you answer that, you are required by Jeannie Bee to try them, at which point then, and only then may you render an opinion about these.


Happy Cooking,

Jeannie Bee – For some, your #305 Apron’s Simple Meals Clerk


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