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The Power of an Aerial View by Jeannie Majka-Sherwood

GOD actions are from an aerial.  We see in limited color but GOD see’s it all in His limitless living color.

We often think that making a decision between two choices is one of the most difficult places to be, or knowing which of those two choices GOD would want us to take is like being between a rock and hard place.  Truth be told, as a CHRISTian we are always living between a Rock and hard place.  We live and breath our lives, or we should anyway, standing firm on the Rock of Ages, all the while knowing that we live in a world that is, to say the very least, a difficult place to live.

Maybe you don’t feel that way.  Maybe life hasn’t been like that for you.  Maybe you are one of the popular, or one of the wealthy, or one of the ones who fit perfectly into this world, but I don’t.  I’ve never!  Yes, that’s right, I’ve never.  Not from the earliest moments of my life, do I ever remembering being one who was someone who wasn’t a misfit.  I, from the moment of being the last of eleven children seemed to have had some sort of path that I was stuck on from the actions from siblings who walked before me.  One who in particular abused me, and several who drank, got drunk, we’re abusive, and left scars upon scars on me.  I remember early on entering a private school, as 1st grader and hearing a nun say, “Oh no, not another Rollberg child.”  Truly, as clear as anything I can still hear the sound of her voice in my head, and I clearly still see the downward smile upon her face.  It looked nothing like GOD-Jesus or someone who was going to bring me some hope of Heaven along the road of which I’d already been thrust upon, by no choices of my own.  Sure as shooting though, some of the decisions and choices I made later on in life, were in fact going to be because of those things in life that occurred early on in my childhood.  All along that road though, I knew, I knew, I knew, I knew, in my heart of hearts something was missing from the puzzle of this viewpoint being instilled in me.  I wanted so badly to see the BIG GOD picture but the clear view from all that had happened early on was being muddled by the fingers of fate.

How did I know that even then, even during those difficult days of having a brothers who were left to babysit me, would sit me in a chair after my mom and dad would go out and say, “Jeannie do you want to see what will happen if you get out of that chair?”  I didn’t, because after the first time my two brothers did this to me, I knew, or at least I believed.  You see it’s amazing thing how life unfolds for us.  I’m thankful every day to be able to grab the good out of all the bad that has happened in my life.  To give ownership to all the wrong choices I’ve made, but to also own up to all the GOD choices I’ve made.  Early on, when you have the intimidation of others over your head because you are the last of eleven, or the runt of the family, or the brother factor of abuse, or alcoholic parents, you may also find that you don’t make wise decisions because you after all are just trying to find some control in your life, to get some control, to hold onto some control, so that those things that happened to you, by the hands of “others” you don’t want happening again.  That was me!  Oh and that threat from my brothers, you’d what, like to know what it was, or maybe what you’ll wonder, or marvel at like me, is how I love to cook and bake now after what they did.  Maybe a normal person would want to stay as far out of the kitchen or cooking or baking as they possibly could.  Me?  Not so much, it’s that control factor of knowing I’m not going to allow anyone to control me… well, or so I thought in moments of making choices, or so I had decided up to a point in life.

Even then though, after accepting Christ into my life, I found that GOD wants us to have control of our life, our choices, but He wants to be the Director of our life, not the Dictator over it.  Thus we have this beautiful GOD-designed thing called free will.  After all, isn’t it how a lot of you gauge things.  We know that when someone loves us freely or when we have a hold on them.  Which brings me back to the point of how some of you still use, what you use, to abuse others to do your will, instead of yet realizing the pivotal role you are missing out in by relinquish that which GOD would like to be GOD-delivered to others without you putting some man-made personal opinionated strings on.  You know who you are, and lets face it, that is not GOD-love, that is personal control in which you treat people who come into your life as if they are puppets on a string that you are able to control.  It’s all over within the Body these days.  Pastor’s, private school teachers, even the well trained (NOT) clayity have learned the power of intimidation from some of the best of the best serving within the Body.  You’ve yet to truly relinquish that which GOD has blessed you with to use for His Kingdom building, because you are much, much to busy building a kingdom here on earth that entertains, is the best, has this, has that, and look at me, us, our!

So today, if you truly want control of your life go ahead and keep on looking at your ability to stay in control.  Or, you could be like me, cut loose!  This big craze to bring back “Footloose” is maybe something we should grasp a hold of in the Body of Christ.  Maybe we need to stop being so “footloose” and cut loose from the ways and means by which the world behaves and start behaving as if we choose the path in our GOD-life of there being just that one set of His Footprints cutting us loose from choices that not just hurt others, but are a horrible witness to those in the world who see that we in the Body have begun to behave in a way that quite frankly looks a whole lot more like the worldview.

Just as a hawk from a view from high above can see his prey down below and aim, shoot and strike, so can satan.  He uses all the ways and means of the world to entrap us into believing that what GOD has put into our hand we have the choice to use as we see fit.  However, that is not what Scripture says. When was the last time you allowed the fear of GOD to be instrumental in the choices you made?

Psalm 147:2-8

The Message (MSG)

 2-6 God’s the one who rebuilds Jerusalem,
      who regathers Israel’s scattered exiles.
   He heals the heartbroken
      and bandages their wounds.
   He counts the stars
      and assigns each a name.
   Our Lord is great, with limitless strength;
      we’ll never comprehend what he knows and does.
   God puts the fallen on their feet again
      and pushes the wicked into the ditch.

 7-11 Sing to God a thanksgiving hymn,
      play music on your instruments to God,
   Who fills the sky with clouds,
      preparing rain for the earth,
   Then turning the mountains green with grass,
      feeding both cattle and crows.
   He’s not impressed with horsepower;
      the size of our muscles means little to him.
   Those who fear God get God’s attention;
      they can depend on his strength.

There is a view from above that GOD see’s, that GOD orchestrates, that sometimes when it all unfolds it just might look like we live in an unfair, messed up world.  GOD has nothing to do with that.  Many people want to blame GOD and they end up in living in the bla-me state.  GOD allows things to happen, yet people who do unjust things to others in the Body cannot any longer live in the luxury of saying that because of GOD-choices people make we will withdraw our hand.  It’s amazingly ungodly behavior, and for a people group who say that GOD is in control, they are actually controlling everything from their meeting of the same minds.  They huddle, decide, and demean those who don’t attend “their church”.  They diminish those that don’t “follow the leader”, even if they know in their hearts that the leader is just following the largest controlling group in the Body of their church.

Yes, this all sounds so harsh, but it has to be said.  I say all of it because sometimes people on the outside looking in at the church people  allow the behavior of those people to be the representation of what GOD is all about.  What Jesus living within is all about.  And ya know what?  They aren’t wrong.  Once again a whole lot of us CHRISTians, we often excuse our very poor behavior by saying, well, people just shouldn’t look at us, we aren’t perfect ya know.  All the while though, we are singing and claiming we are special, set apart, and all, and we say to those “outsiders” that they should come visit our church and go to this adult Bible study etc. because we’ve got the answers, we’ve got socializing down and we just love people.   Yet in the quiet whispers it’s the ruling body that goes on, while the broken pieces of many of the lives, scattered on the church floors goes unnoticed as long as the ruling party of who knows how many continues on in control.

This is GOD’s view from above.  This is what He is seeing going on.  Just as He looked down upon my little young life years ago go to the oven and take the racks out.  He saw two brothers lift a little girl off a chair, carry her towards said oven and turn it on.  He heard said brothers threaten to put said little girl in an oven if she didn’t stay planted in that chair while the parents were gone.  People ask me after I tell that true story how is it I ever ended up loving cooking and baking?  The truth is it is all to the glory of grabbing the good, the GOD and allowing Jesus to be the true CEO over my life.  That part that was missing when I was growing up wasn’t just missing in my life, it was missing in the lives of my family as well.  We knew an awful lot about the punishing GOD but little about the sacrificial love of GOD.  About the love of a GOD that can love us even in a sinful state of blaming Him for all the bad, but not so much allowing Him to have complete control over all that we now say we allow Him to have.  All that thinking, all that saying, and of course the infamous.. all the doing part.

I’m sharing all this today I guess because I’m watching a lot of people, including quite honestly, myself, be disturbed by these so called, self-appointed intimidating powerful people in the Body.  It’s the same names in the bulletin, same prayer requests from the same people, and ya know what, when they all start to complain about it being the same people working and doing all the same stuff with no help, it’s maybe time they take a look at themselves.  The reason this happens is because of this powerful intimidating use and abuse people that continue to make their mark and leave a scar on the people who entered in, and because they were GOD-led walked away.  Yes, I said GOD-led.  When making decisions, instead of basing it on taking a man-stand, take a GOD-view and GOD-stand for someone.  Maybe that someone you’ve left in the dust behind you, is someone who believed you when you said, you believed in them.  Maybe it’s time you lived up to being the person they believed you were.  I know as for me, there are a lot of people who said they believed in me, but it just turns out they believed in me believing in them.  When it all came out and I needed them, they scattered away treating me as if I was, as I’ve often felt in life, as one of the untouchables.    Praise GOD, I’m not!  In fact it is from taking His viewpoint, that I know that on that day, when someone touched me, it was the very hand of GOD.  On that day when I suddenly knew, I knew it was because of Jesus I was someone to be used, not abused.

Jesus let go of the world for the sake of the people, how about you?  Maybe for your own mental well being, you need to let go of some people out there who aren’t good for you.  Don’t let go of them completely though.  I know I can’t.  People get attached to my heart and just as He touched me, when someone touches my heart, they are really touching His, so we are all now entwined for His glory.

Remember too, when Jesus looked at powerful people, occupying powerful seats, making decisions with the lives of people around Him, who He in fact came to save, even them!  Only some of these people back then, like now, turned a blind eye and swore they were in the GOD-business.  True, so true.  Because what was suppose to be all about the people, and all about the Spirit of GOD being instilled and changing lives, had become a power packed, who’s who, of people who now made decisions based on how it affected the power at hand.  That hand then, and sometimes in the Body of many a church now, is not the Hand of GOD.  It’s all become an air show of look what we’ve got to offer, look what’s coming for entertainment, and look-look-l00k at us!

2 Corinthians 2:14-17

The Message (MSG)

 14-16In the Messiah, in Christ, God leads us from place to place in one perpetual victory parade. Through us, he brings knowledge of Christ. Everywhere we go, people breathe in the exquisite fragrance. Because of Christ, we give off a sweet scent rising to God, which is recognized by those on the way of salvation—an aroma redolent with life. But those on the way to destruction treat us more like the stench from a rotting corpse.

 16-17This is a terrific responsibility. Is anyone competent to take it on? No— but at least we don’t take God’s Word, water it down, and then take it to the streets to sell it cheap. We stand in Christ’s presence when we speak; God looks us in the face. We get what we say straight from God and say it as honestly as we can.

Isn’t it time we bring back some old time relationship?  If we are going to put on one more program before He returns, why don’t we put away all the the best laid plans we have, and lay down our lives and put on a program called:

GOD Direct Our Lives!

Directed by: God

Influenced by: The Word of GOD aka. The Bible!

Produced By: People who want His best laid plans, placed in His Hands.

Available: As soon as we realize in the Body that His love is enough, and that we can let it be, let it go, and lay it all down for Him.

~This Shout Out~

~Father GOD~  This is for all those who get to talk with who don’t know You yet, may I be a better witness, be a better reflection of being a human being that You want me to be.  This is also Lord GOD for all those who see a sunny day outside but the things going on in their lives right now look like an eclipse has fallen upon them and everything seems just to difficult to endure.  Oh Lord GOD be their peace, be their hope today.  I know, I so very much know that what is happening around us is all temporary, but when we are in the thick of it, even as CHRISTians, it can just be so heavy, such a burden to bear.  Especially GOD, when it’s others who we see taking steps that lead them away from You.  Steps that have their heels digger deeper into the ways of the world, and not deeper into falling into the plans that You have.  Oh Father GOD comfort the parent, the child, the passage we are taking in this world, and may the road rise up above us to lead us into Your will and way, and smack dab in the center of that peace that passes our feeble understanding.  I love you so much GOD, I need You so much.  I pray all this, and so much more for we in the Body need to get fit for being able to come together, right now, with You.  In Jesus’ name, Amen~

Everyday People by Daniel Kirkley:


I have no clue what my tomorrow holds, or if anyone will want to hold me in their tomorrow.  I do know though that the gift some people have of intimidating me, is gone.  For it is not a gift from GOD, it is something of a tool given out by satan to anyone who is willing to pick it up for their own glory.  Because intimidating people into coming to church, or showing them how you have it all together because you teach a Bible study, or you do this, or do that, or have this, or have all these people, or money, or whatever it is, it’s not going to impress GOD in the end.  It’s time for you to mediate with GOD and see just how wrong intimidation in place, shape, or form is not of Him.  So the next time you out in the world and you decide you’ve got it all together because you just came from church, but you snap the head off of some unsuspecting individual, remember, that was something up your sleeve that I’m pretty sure was a trick from the enemy, not the love of GOD.

Until all have heard of His love,

Jeannie Bee


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