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How will they hear from GOD?

Matthew 6:5     “And when you come before God, don’t turn that into a theatrical production either. All these people making a regular show out of their prayers, hoping for stardom! Do you think God sits in a box seat?

ventriloquism: The art of projecting one’s voice so that it seems to come from another source.

Today all you and I have to remember is that we are not some sort of GOD-created dummies, dumbed down to put on a show for others to see.  We are GOD’s children alright, but that doesn’t mean GOD needs us to display some sort of massive entertainment sort of deal-0 where what people truly walk away with, is what we really won them to, the entertainment factor of which we enticed them with.  Now, before you jump all over me, let me just say that I was that person and all I got out of it was the entertainment.  And before you say, well Jeannie, you aren’t everyone.  You are absolutely right, I’m not.  I have been around the block for a while though, and I do work in the secular world.

I don’t have to draw a line in the sand and say something like, if you are with us, stand on this side, but if you are against us, stand outside.  Because with this method, all you’ve done is set a statement up that the world uses:  Out withe old (hymn loving people) and in with the new (praise and worshipers ).  Here I thought hymn loving people were praising and worshiping, but apparently that can’t be done either.  Why?  Because the new people say so.  Not GOD mind you, but the new people.  So, I say it again, and I stand firm, I’m not drawing lines in the sand to take a stand.  Jesus already did that, so I’ll just stand with Him, thank you very much! ♥

Every day I listen to what people think of church people.  Every day I listen to what it is that would make a difference, and let me tell you it isn’t entertainment.  The world has plenty of dummies sitting on stage, backstage, waiting to get on stage, for the world to see and hear.  What the world needs now can only come from within you and I, or rather, the Who who lives within you and I.  It’s so funny, but not in the ha-ha way, how things have turned upside down.  What we had going on in the church long ago, bringing people just to Jesus, like that was a bad thing, and a boring thing, someone who slipped into the Body decided it all needed to be enhanced.  So we had to top it.  We had to be the Big Top. However people out in the secular world are picking up on all that sort of goodness of love, hope, faith, but not with Jesus, and they start copying what it was we were doing, but without Jesus.  That alone should tell you something.  That we had something great all along… but no, someone wanted bigger, better, bright lights, big city sort of stuff.

Along comes the modernized church body and they decide to copy-cat the entertainment, bring in by the droves enhancements the world used.  If it’s not some big motivational speaker, it’s the latest big politician or author.  Now, I’m not saying that new is bad, or that forms of, or use of analogy to show someone the Gospel are all bad.  What I’m saying is this, we are warned in to be very careful about such things.  Because what I’m seeing right now is that if you don’t jump on the new entertainment band wagon, a few folks are ready to throw the old folks off.  How’s that for Jesus’ love?

~Choose His platform to stand on, or make a bit of an idol like the world does, and build a platform of your own for the world to see you, and all the latest, greatest, extravaganza’s you’ve concocted.~

TRUTH IS:  You don’t need to be performance based at all.  Jesus never once set up the Big Top for entertainment purposes.  He just came and offered something so simple, knowing that even the mind of  a child could and would understand.

The Only big picture on the Big Screen:

Heaven Bound-Heavenly Minded

What it isn’t?  It isn’t just allowing us this one thing, this one way, of which I challenge you.  Yes, little old me, with my small little, what you might see as a nobody life.  Well let me tell you this.  I might appear that way to you, to many, but I’d take my small little inconsequential life, not viewed as anything special by you, but made so joyful where-ever GOD places me, over all the comfort and joy you call entertaining others.  Because what I offer is the simplicity of just knowing that if you grasp the concept of His Love, the Greatest Love ever known, it’ll see you through.  You won’t need to any of the enhanced versions that keep coming down the pike of life or religion, because what you will know, what you too will be able to present is this, and this is the beginning and end of this post and challenge below.  It’s all it’ll take, just let the Holy Spirit and the Word of GOD do the rest.  That my dear readers is all the entertainment anyone really needs.  Because in the end these things remain, the people and the Word.  What you win them with you win them too, so why not just win them to Jesus, with the Word of God, not as entertainment enhanced, but as simple as it was when Jesus walked with GOD and brought the Gospel message alone.

Today, be a disciple maker for GOD by making your voice sound like His voice.

Until all have heard of His love,

Jeannie Bee


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