~Acorn Cupcakes~ It leaves a sweet taste in your mouth =)

~Acorn Cupcakes~

Today’s adventure in the kitchen was limited.  I decided to do some major cleaning; of which I’m completely regretting now because my  allergies are acting up.  So to make everything sugar and spice and everything nice… I made some cupcakes.  In my adventures to play with some food today, I wanted to be a bit creative and try making acorns.  I of course got the idea from Duncan Hines; it’s always important to give your inspiration credit =), right?  I did things a different, because that’s the way of the Jeannie, LOL.

Basically I just made chocolate cupcakes.  Iced them with my new chocolate love, Wilton Brownie Fudge Icing. For the acorns I used some caramels, just do four at a time for 6 seconds in the microwave, and  form into acorn shapes.  I finished shaping all I needed first.  After I dipped the tops of the acorn in some caramel frosting, followed by fall sprinkles, and a chocolate chip for the stem.

Happy cooking and baking,

Jeannie Bee


2 comments on “~Acorn Cupcakes~ It leaves a sweet taste in your mouth =)

  1. These are so cute Jeannie. Would love to see a close up.

    • Close up, meaning: up front and in person? I’d love it. We’d have a fall bake-a-thon. Right now our temps are still in the 90º’s. I’m trying to bake them into submission to something cooler.

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